When it comes to speaker systems, usually the more “out there” the design, the more likely it will cost you a pretty penny, since it’s more than likely that exotic woods and metals are used for the construction, along with the hours of labor put into it. So if you’re looking for a pair of unique looking speakers, these butterfly-shaped speakers, dubbed the Monarch (after the actual Monarch butterfly), will probably not disappoint in the looks department.

The speakers are made of OMA’s proprietary cast aluminum alloy and their compression driver is said to be able to cover midrange to high frequencies with ease. It also features two 15-inch woofers mounted onto the body and reportedly delivers a 104dB efficiency. If you’re wondering what those wooden wings are for, apart from design and decoration, they apparently help to load the woofers to deliver better sound. It also helps to make room placement less demanding, and for those unfamiliar, room placement plays an important role when it comes to your speakers, as finding that “sweet spot” will allow your speakers to pump out audio at its best quality and fill the room.

The speakers are available in a variety of woods and finishes but unfortunately there was no mention of the price, although judging by its design and materials, be prepared to pay quite a fair bit for these.

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