Sonos’ Speakers Can Now Work With General Electric’s Appliances
One of the joys of the modern age is that a lot of our home appliances and gadgets have gotten smarter. In fact, if you own a Sonos speaker and you have some General Electric appliances in your home, you might be interested to learn that Sonos and GE appliances can now communicate with each other.

You Can Now Hum A Song And Google Will Find It For You
We’ve all had those earworms where we hear a snippet of a song somewhere but we can’t for the life remember the name of it. You could search for the lyrics, but what if you don’t know the lyrics? What if you only remember the melody? The good news is that Google wants to make it easier for you to get rid of that earworm.

Beats Flex Could Be A Better Alternative To The EarPods
Now that Apple is no longer including the EarPods with their iPhones, it means that if you want to listen to music on the go, you’re going to need to buy a new pair, if you don’t own one already. The EarPods have never really been known to be that good in terms of audio. While functional, they don’t necessarily sound particularly good.

AirPods Studio Might Be Delayed To Possibly 2021
The rumors had initially stated that the AirPods Studio will not be announced at Apple’s iPhone event, but it could be released later this month or next. This is because Apple was rumored to kick off mass production on the headphones only in late October, but now it turns out that the headphones will not be coming anytime soon, and could even be delayed to 2021.


Apple Introduces Their Brand New HomePod Mini
Following the rumors that Apple was working on a smaller, cheaper version of the HomePod, it turns out that the rumors were right on the money because Apple has since officially taken the wraps off their latest smart speaker, the HomePod mini.

Razer Seiren Mini Desktop Microphone Announced
If you’re looking for a microphone to either do some podcasting, record music, play games, or simply video chat, then you might be interested to learn that Razer has actually announced a new microphone in the form of the Razer Seiren Mini, which is essentially a smaller version of the company’s Seiren microphone.

HomePod Mini Could Come With U1 Chip
The U1 chip that debuted with the iPhone 11 last year seemed like an indication that Apple was readying its own Tile-like tracking accessory, but now according to a report from Jon Prosser, he claims that the U1 chip is actually the foundation for even bigger plans and loftier goals than just helping you find a missing object.

HomePod Mini Could Be Priced Rather Affordably At $99
According to the rumors, Apple is apparently planning on creating a HomePod mini set of speakers. This device is said to be smaller and cheaper than the HomePod, and now according to a post by Kang on Weibo, it seems that the pricing of the upcoming speaker has been revealed, and we are pretty thrilled by that news.

AirPods Studio Won’t Be Cheap
Apple is expected to announce the AirPods Studio soon, which for those unfamiliar are a pair of Apple-branded over-ear headphones. If you’re intrigued and are wondering how much it would set you back, then prepare your wallets because it seems that there is a good chance that they will not come cheap.

HomePod Mini Could Be Announced Next Week
With all the fuss surrounding smart speakers, it did not come as a surprise that Apple tossed their hat into the ring when they launched the HomePod. However, to say that the speaker received a lukewarm reception is overstating it as many were put off by the price and also the seemingly lack of features compared to other smart speakers.

Apple Stores Reportedly Stop Selling Most Third-Party Headphones And Speakers
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could be working on a pair of over-ear headphones called the AirPods Studio. The headphones are rumored to be announced at Apple’s iPhone event which is supposed to be scheduled for next week, and in the meantime, the company seems to be getting ready for their launch.

YouTube Music Just Got A Lot More Attractive
Google previously announced that they would be shutting down Play Music. Subscribers who wish to continue streaming music would need to transition to YouTube Music, although there were some limitations to YouTube Music that made it slightly less attractive to would-be subscribers.

Spotify Now Lets You Find Songs By Lyrics
We’re sure that many of us have had moments where we know the lyrics to a song, but we don’t know what that song is called because believe it or not, some songs aren’t always named after their lyrics! If you’re stuck trying to find a song and if you’re a Spotify user, you’ll be pleased to learn that Spotify has gained a new search feature.

Google Just Launched Its New Nest Audio Smart Speaker
Earlier this year, we had heard rumors that Google was planning a new Nest speaker. Given that Google had been slowly transitioning some of its products to the Nest brand, and with the Nest Hub Max, it makes sense that they would have a new Nest speaker that would replace the old Google Home.