How To Make Spotify Sound Better
Is your Spotify listening experience sounding a little flat? Maybe the music isn’t as bright, or as bass-heavy, or for some reason, it sounds a bit muffled. If you’re looking to improve on your Spotify experience, here’s how.

OnePlus Buds Pro Officially Announced For $150
Last week, it was reported that OnePlus was working a Pro version of its OnePlus Buds. For those who are curious about the earbuds, you’ll be interested to learn that the company has since officially announced the OnePlus Buds Pro, a set of true wireless earbuds that will set you back $150.

Louis Vuitton Just Launched At $3,000 UFO-Shaped Speaker
Louis Vuitton is a brand many of you might be familiar with when it comes to high-end designer fashion, but the company has tried to get into electronics and tech in the past, like earbuds and smart luggages. Now it looks like the company is back with their latest attempt at launching gadgets with a UFO-shaped speaker.

AirPods 3 Production To Kick Off In August, In Time For September iPhone Event
It has been a while since Apple refreshed their AirPods. The last time we saw a new AirPods was when Apple launched it with support for wireless charging, but otherwise we haven’t really heard anything since. However, if you were hoping to see some changes or improvements, then you might want to hold out.


Bose QuietComfort 45 Spotted At The FCC
For the longest time ever, Bose’s QuietComfort series was one of the best options you had when it came to noise cancelling headphones, but then Sony came along with its WH-1000XM series and kind of evened the playing field, although some might argue that they have since usurped Bose’s position.

US Customs Are Seizing A Record Number Of Fake AirPods
Apple’s AirPods are priced at $199 for the model that includes a wireless charging case, or if you want to go pro, the AirPods Pro will set you back $249. Neither of these are considered cheap, but they are made by Apple and thus they do have an increased amount of desirability, but not everyone can afford them.

Razer Launches Its Multi-Platform Barracuda X Gaming Headset
If you’re looking for a gaming headset that can work across devices and consoles, Razer has got you covered. The company has announced their brand new Barracuda X gaming headset that will play nicely with multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and of course, gaming consoles.

Sony’s New Portable Speaker Looks Like A Candle Lamp
When it comes to choosing a speaker, obviously sound quality is the most important. However, some companies have designed their speakers to make them more appealing beyond their sound quality, like Sony, who have recently debuted their LSPX-S3 speaker which has been designed to look like a candle lamp.

OnePlus Is Working On A ‘Pro’ Version Of The OnePlus Buds
Last year, OnePlus launched the OnePlus Buds, a pair of relatively affordable $79 true wireless earbuds. It was clear that based on its pricing that these were targeted towards users who wanted true wireless earbuds but didn’t want to spend too much on them, but what about those who were hoping for something better?

Apple Could Bring Spatial Audio To Its Virtual And Augmented Reality Devices
Virtual reality can make users feel like they’re immersed into the virtual world that they’re seeing, but visuals only add to the effect up to a certain extent. To help further create the sense of immersion, audio can also help play a role, and that’s something that Apple is exploring in a patent discovered by AppleInsider.

Edifier Just Launched A Pair Of Hi-Res Audio Wireless Earbuds
Are you looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds that can support the playback of hi-res audio but also won’t break the bank? Then perhaps Edifier might have something for you. The company, known mostly for their computer speakers, have launched the NeoBuds Pro, a pair of $99 true wireless earbuds with support for hi-res audio.

Audacity’s New Owner Will Make Changes To Its Privacy Policy
For those who want a free audio editing software, Audacity has been a popular choice over the years, more so given that it is open source. However, the software was later acquired by the Muse Group who instituted some policy changes that led some to believe that these policy changes would allow them to collect data on users.

Latest 14.6 HomePod Update Is Reportedly Bricking Some Devices
The other day, we cautioned HomePod owners that maybe they should pass on installing the latest software beta for the speakers. This is because according to reports, some HomePod devices were apparently overheating following the update. This is one of the reasons why sometimes beta software shouldn’t be used on your primary devices.

Nothing’s Ear (1) Earbuds Will Feature Noise Cancelling And Will Be Priced At $99
As some of you might recall, the former co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei, left the company to form his own company called Nothing. Not too long ago, they announced that their first product would be a pair of earbuds, and now it looks like they have finally taken the wraps off them in the form of the Nothing Ear (1).

Spotify Starts Rolling Out Offline Playback For Apple Watch
Back in November 2020, Spotify finally released a standalone app for the Apple Watch. This meant that those who had the LTE model could stream Spotify while they were on the go even if they didn’t have their iPhones with them. Spotify later announced support for offline playback, but it seems that it wasn’t available to users yet.

Audacity Has Been Accused Of Collecting Data On Its Users
The benefits of using open source software is that because it is open source, it allows the community to take a peek under the hood. This lets users create forked versions of the software, but it also allows users to understand how the software works and point out and identify issues with it.

HomePod Beta Software Is Causing Some Devices To Overheat
There is a reason why beta software is in beta. This is because the software isn’t ready for primetime yet and there could still be bugs in there that have yet to be ironed out or even discovered. This is why generally speaking, they shouldn’t be used as a daily driver, although in this case thankfully some people took the HomePod’s beta software for a spin.

Logitech’s New G335 Gaming Headset Will Only Cost You $70
When devices are usually labelled as for gaming, they are sometimes priced a bit higher. If you are after a gaming headset but don’t want to pay a premium, then you might be interested to learn that Logitech has since announced the G335 gaming headset which will be priced somewhat affordably at $70.

AirPods Pro 2 Will Launch Next Year With Beats Studio Buds Design
With the AirPods and AirPods Pro, Apple has designed them in such a way that they look like Apple’s EarPods with the wires cut off, although the AirPods Pro does have a slightly shorter stem design. However, it seems that with the upcoming AirPods Pro 2, Apple might actually adopt a design that they’ve already used.

Third-Gen AirPods Gearing Up For A Launch Later This Year
To date, Apple has released two generations of AirPods and one generation of the AirPods Pro. If you’re looking forward to seeing what kind of changes and improvements we can expect from the AirPods series, then you might be interested to learn that a new model should be launching later this year.