YouTube Music For Android Rolls Out Audio Quality Controls

If you’re using YouTube Music on your Android smartphone and would like to be able to better control the audio quality when you’re streaming or downloading, then you might be pleased to learn that YouTube Music for Android has started to roll out an update that will be introducing quality controls for users.

Razer Launches Ifrit Broadcaster Headset

We know that Razer already makes several different types of gaming headsets, but in case you’re in the market for a new headset, then you might be interested to learn that Razer has since announced the launch of the Ifrit broadcaster headset, which as the name implies seems to be more geared towards broadcasters.

Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD Is Coming Soon

With more handset makers ditching the headphone jack, what many have opted to do is instead bundle USB-C to 3.5mm adapters with their phones. However Essential decided to do something else, as you might recall, because earlier this year the company announced that they would be launching the Audio Adapter HD attachment.

HomePod Is Reportedly Dominating The Premium Smart Speaker Market

When Apple announced the HomePod, they priced it above what most smart speakers were priced at the moment. According to Apple, they claimed that the HomePod wasn’t so much a smart speaker but a set of really good speakers. We’re sure that many are wondering how its doing, and it turns out they’re doing pretty well.


Huawei’s ‘Freebuds 2 Pro’ Wireless Earphones Leaked

More companies are starting to ditch the headphone jack these days, even those who had staunchly held out for as long as they could have started to follow the trend as well. This has led to the rise of wireless headphones, and a popular trend we’re seeing these days are “true” wireless earbuds, such as the AirPods.

Upgraded SteelSeries Arctis 3 Headset Announced

Earlier this year SteelSeries announced some new gaming headsets and if you’re in the market for newer models, then you might be interested to learn that SteelSeries has since announced an upgraded version of the Arctis 3. This particular model will feature both wired and wireless connectivity options.

Apple Music & Spotify Are Dominating The US Streaming Market

When you think of music streaming services, which platform do you think of? If you answered either Apple Music or Spotify, you’re not alone and it shouldn’t be surprising either because according to a report from Billboard, Apple Music and Spotify currently make up for about 80% of the music streaming market in the US.

Amazon Could Launch Up To Eight New Alexa Devices By End Of 2018

Amazon has been steadily releasing Alexa-enabled devices, and thanks to Alexa being open to outside companies, we’re seeing more Alexa devices find their way to the market. However it seems that Amazon might not be done just yet because according to reports, the company plans to launch at least eight new Alexa devices by the end of the year.

New Beats Headphones Launched With Colors That Match The New iPhones

When Apple launches new iPhones, usually we see them announce some new Beats products. Ahead of today’s iPhone event, it was rumored that there might not be any new Beats headphones announced, and it seems that the rumors were sort of true. There were no Beats products announced, but the existing lineup did get refreshed with some new color options.

Apple’s New iPhones Won’t Come Bundled With A Headphone Dongle

Ever ever Apple decided to ditch the headphone jack, they had the courtesy to at least bundle a headphone dongle with its iPhones to save users the trouble. However there were rumors that Apple could stop doing that with its 2018 iPhone, and as it turns out, the rumors were right after all.

Turtle Beach’s Recon 200 Gaming Headset Now Available

A few months ago, Turtle Beach announced a bunch of new gaming headsets with the Recon 200 being one of them. For those who have been shopping for a new gaming headset, then you might be interested to learn that Turtle Beach has announced the availability of the Recon 200 headset.

Apple Might Not Have Any New Beats Products To Announce Tomorrow

Tomorrow Apple will officially announce their new iPhones. The event is also rumored to see the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4, and possibly new iPad Pro models. Apple’s iPhone events also typically see the launch of new Beats products, but unfortunately that might not happen this year.

Google Launches New USB-C To 3.5mm Adapter

We are in that weird transitional phase right now where we’re seeing more handset OEMs drop the 3.5mm headphone jack, and where there are still plenty of audio products that rely on wired connections. An unfortunate result is that we are living the dongle life which is rather clunky and troublesome.

Plantronics Launches A Bunch Of New Headphones

If you’re in the market for a new set of headphones, you might be interested to learn that audio company Plantronics has announced a bunch of them. The company’s latest launch seems to be targeting users who might have different needs for their headphones, ranging from active users who might need it for the gym, to gamers.