Zippo lighter has a built in gun withinThe Zippo lighter is one of the more enduring and appealing “tool” for smokers – after all, it works even in the presence of strong winds, and is said that it will never snuff out unless there is no more fuel left within. Well, it is far more expensive than an ordinary plastic lighter, but if you ever need to light something when camping with a lighter, it doesn’t get any better than with a Zippo. What makes this Zippo lighter far more different than the rest which you’ve seen is this sports a built-in miniature gun inside that yes, actually fires.

All copper-cased 6mm cartridges will be fired out of a barrel, as there is no more wick in place. Needless to say, there is no trigger like a traditional gun, but you will need to roll the flint striking wheel so that it can be fired. It is interesting to note that Zippo has not sanctioned this as an official device, never mind that it sports a Ronson flint dispenser that can hold extra cartridges if you’re a bad shot. James Bond should’ve smoked cigarettes instead of cigars, then he would be able to make good use of this unique lighter.

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