Are students really that hard up for cash, considering how students get discounts at eateries, whenever they go to the movies, take public transport, the list goes on. Well, guess Doxie understands just how expensive getting a tertiary education can be these days, which is why they have repriced their Doxie portable USB-powered document scanner known as the Doxie U in the form of an “academic version”. It will not lack any features compared to the consumer version, being affordable and lightweight, letting you scan page by page in a quick and easy manner. All scanned pages will be stored in the PDF format, where you can also choose to upload it to a number of cloud services, including Evernote, Flickr, and Google Docs amongst others just to make a quick backup on the spot.

Just how much more affordable is the academic version, and why is this post rambling on and on just like my lecturer, you ask? OK, I’ll cut to the chase – the academic version of the Doxie U will retail for $119, freeing up $30 from the retail price so that you can spend that money elsewhere such as bringing your date out for some pizza. The only catch is this – you will need to show your academic credentials in order to qualify for a purchase.

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