Who would have thought that even websites are “smart” enough to “learn” these days? That is what Kita Kore intends to do – courtesy of Media Jump, the company that launched this particular service. Kita Kore means “just what I wanted” in Japanese slang, where it is not a search engine per se, but rather, described as a “recommend engine”.


To put it in a nutshell, this site is a social media events hub which will recommend various events to registered members depending on their preferences, and the more information you furnish the site with, the more it is able to learn about you and provide you with far more accurate recommendations. Sounds fine and dandy, but with it being limited to just the Japanese reading crowd, we don’t know whether such an idea will catch on in the rest of the world if English was supported.

I guess Facebook has done a far better job with the Like button, not to mention having more than 750 million users who voluntarily (indirectly) offer information about themselves the more they write and post. There is no mobile version of Kita Kore to help it really take off, but so far it seems to be growing – which is a good thing, of course.

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