English, being a living language, has just grown its official list of words that will definitely have techies happy, smiling from ear to ear. With 400 new words being added to the list, the Oxford English Dictionary now holds around 240,000 words – can you imagine just how someone 20 years ago would find today’s dictionary to be incomprehensible where certain words are concerned?

Oxford introduced a fair share of abbreviated words such as “LOL”, “FYI”, “OMG”, and even the non-acronymic ♥. Well, you can be happy that “Woot”, “Sexting”, “Cyberbullying”, “Retweet”, and “Follower” are now added to the list. This just goes to show how far social networking and media have made an impact on society as well as the way we communicate.

Now all we need to do is wait for Scrabble to update their dictionary, and when that happens, do you think that the different kinds of word strategy Scrabblers employ will be radically changed?

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