SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Headphones



SOL REPUBLIC is a new brand launching today with the introduction of the Tracks headphones. Affordable and elegantly designed, the Tracks deliver high quality sound packaged in a solid build for a sweet price: $99.99 (regular version).

The most clever design innovation is the interchangeable headbands, speakers and cables: it allows endless possibilities for color combinations and new designs. Additionally, the headband is made of a new proprietary polymer called FlexTech that can be extremely bent without breaking. I am sure that amateur DJs will love this feature! (See picture below)

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Headphones

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD - bending without breaking

The design has been well thought through to offer maximum comfort with extra wide cushions, adjustable size and reduced clamping pressure. The relatively small size of the on-ear speakers should appeal to fashionistas who do not necessarily want to look like extraterrestrials with giant headphones on the head.

The Tracks and the Tracks HD will be available at the end of August, for $99.99 and $129 respectively.

I can tell you that the sound quality is great and the headphones are very comfortable to wear, I tried the Tracks HD briefly during our meeting with SOL REPUBLIC founders, Kevin Lee, CEO, Scott Hix, President and COO, and Seth Combs, CMO. Kevin Lee is senior executive of Monster Cable and drove the Beats by Dr. Dre line of headphones at Monster. (photo)

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Headphones

SOL REPUBLIC founders: Seth Combs, CMO - Kevin Lee, CEO - Scott Hix, President and COO

The idea behind the company was to provide high quality sound and design at an affordable price, specifically to target kids who typically use bad quality headphones.

In case you prefer mini earphones, SOL REPUBLIC offers the Amps and the Amps HD in-ear headphones as well, starting at $59.99. (picture below)

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Headphones


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