Whenever you go camping, surely you need to be well prepared – and that means preparing the right kind of equipment. Magnalight knows that you can never quite tell just when you need that added source of light, hence offering a portable LED light that has a nigh impossible model name to remember – MUL-LED10W-16CP. This 10 Watt LED Light sports a magnetic base which features a solid plastic handle.

Do not despise the single Seoul Z-power LED and unique reflector assembly, as it is capable of producing 900 lumens of intense light, where the beam can reach 240 feet in length in spot configuration. Imagine all that performance in a super small form factor with the LED light head actually measuring a mere 2″ wide by 2″ tall!

Since you’re living the rough and tumble lifestyle outside, obviously this portable LED light needs to be extremely durable. Hence, Magnalight has decided to use premium materials in its construction – this LED light is made out of aluminum with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens, where it is also sealed against intrusion from water, wind and debris. [Press Release]

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