When you tell someone that you’re “moving home”, chances are quite high that they (and every other man on the street) would think that you’re going to shift out from the current place and into the new. Well, not quite if you happen to live in this 220 ton building which can actually be pulled along and relocated with the right tools and environment. Yes sir, this building was the brainchild of an inspired team of designers and architects who figured out that they would construct the first moving building in the world.

This is no mean feat considering the building itself is a three story apartment that was developed with mobility in mind. You can’t just start an engine and floor the pedal, neither can you whip the backs of your servants so that they can pull and push this behemoth across the street – no sir, this calls for some heavy duty stuff such as a crane.

Another good thing about such a building? It is 100% earthquake resistant, but it remains to be tested in an actual earthquake as to whether all three stories will be able to stand up to the earth’s unbridled fury. Ah well, at least when you don’t like the view, you can always relocate – along with the same neighborhood to somewhere else more suitable.

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