You just got to admire the creativity that some folks have in them – case in point, the Aeroshot that you see here. I know that most of us talk about getting our regular shots of caffeine through a drink or two at the local coffee shop, but the Aeroshot that you see here clearly decided to take things literally. No idea on how much it will cost, but this is basically a portable device that offers a burst of caffeine – 100mg of it to be exact, through a fine powder which will fall out of the air and dissolve almost immediately in your mouth.

I am not quite sure whether the kind of caffeine boost you will get from the Aeroshot is enough to perk you up instantly, but at least you can carry it past security lines, especially at airports as this is not liquid. The form factor which it comes in though might arouse suspicions, so it really depends on the kind of negotiation skills you have to bring this across to another state.

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