So we have stereoscopic capable 3D HDTVs, allowing you to enjoy a semblance of the cinematic experience instead of forking out double the amount of dough for each movie ticket at the cinemas just to watch a 3D show. Of course, it will take a fair amount of viewings at home before you make any returns on your initial investment, and stereoscopic 3D is now coming to your homes in a different manner, which is that of a computer monitor. Taiwanese manufacturer Acer has come up with the HR274H, which is a 27″ 1080p 3D display that sports an internal, chip-based system, letting the monitor transform the majority of 2D content into 3D – although the quality is needless to say, relatively poor. Basically, moving objects in front of the scene will look as though they pop out, while the background looks farther back.

A solitary HDMI cable will be the channel where video is carried from a console, Blu-ray player, or set-top box to the monitor itself. You will need to wear a pair of polarized, passive glasses in order to check out the 3D action, which is more affordable compared to the standard issue battery-powered active glasses.

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