Looks like your John Hancock is now undergoing a digital revolution, thanks to the good people over at DocuSign Ink, having worked out a personal electronic signature system for all in order to let you sign anything, anytime, anywhere on tablets and smartphones (touchscreen based models, of course), as well as from Microsoft Outlook. Basically, DocuSign Ink intends to make short work of personal business by doing away with the hassles and costs of printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting signed documents. DocuSign Ink will allow you to safely and securely drag and drop your legally binding signature and initials into documents, place them in text and check boxes to complete forms, followed by returning them over email. I wonder how the snail mail companies will see this, is it a legitimate threat to their business?

Looks like jobs that require signatures from their clients like lawyers and insurance agents need not meet up face to face anymore, just send a PDF over, let the client vet it, where a DocuSign Ink signature is attached and sent back – making this a truly borderless world. Hopefully our communication skills will not suffer from the lack of human interaction though…[Press Release]

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