Levitating lampIf you’re looking for the next cool item to have in your home to impress anybody you bring over, you definitely can’t go wrong with these levitating lamps from Light light. Called the Silhouette #1 and Eclipse #2, these lamps consist of a base and a “lamp shade” that’s split into two parts (and made out of solid material). The two pieces don’t ever touch when the lamp is on, and uses the electromagnets to stay apart. Talk about ingenious.

While the lamps don’t give out a lot of light (according to the demo videos) they do look awesome enough to warrant the use of them as regular lamps. And with a price tag of 980 Euros ($1,342) I highly doubt many people will be using these lamps to replace their regular ones either. If you’re interested in getting your hand on a Light light levitating lamp, just head over to the online store. Check out some video demonstrations.

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