This is not quite yet the end of the year, but we would like to look back on four of the coolest technology design concepts that came out in 2011. Some, like the imaging devices, are part of a long quest to ultra-realism, while others try to explore completely new usage models and lifestyles. Either way, they are amazing to look at and to dream about.

Samsung Flexible Tablet


The flexible display is almost a reality for end-users, but the Samsung Flexible Tablet concept takes things much further and shows a tablet that would essentially be a flexible display, with “real” augmented reality capabilities (working image recognition…) and dream features like a perfect two-way translation (I would even take the half-perfect one at this point). Of course, it is capable of perfectly executing today’s must-haves features like video-calls and gaming, but with a twist : the gaming would be in real (holographic) 3D. Of course, we’re nowhere near this. This concept was done as an advertisement for Samsung mobile displays. Yet, this is an awesome goal for 2022 tablets.

Nokia HumanForm

The Humanform is yet another bendable communications device that has been imagined to go beyond communications as we know it, making it more… human. The entire front surface of the Human touch is a display, and it is a bendable structure which allows commands to be sent by applying torque or pressure to the device. It is also smart enough to recognize one’s mood over a video call. It’s a really unique design, but we wonder: what if you’re trying to be productive with it. How do we read email or books?

Philips Beehive

Nutrition is as important (or more!) as communications, so Philips thought of a special way to procure natural sugar: by having a superbly designed beehive at home. Called the Urban Beehive, it has a bee entrance in the back (just above the flower) and  an integrated smoke actuator which comes in handy when it’s time to collect the honey. The smoke is typically used to calm the bees, and works mainly by masking the pheromones with which the bees communicate – it’s a bee jamming technique if you will. We know, it is scary to have a bunch of angry bees at home, but what wouldn’t you do to live the “organic” life… right?

NgSOC concept bicycle

The NgSOC bycicle is one of a kind: designed by Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli (or may be by Aliens, we’re not sure), it’s an electric bycicle that has a battery pack just near the seat which powers the vehicle when in electric mode (and keeps your behind warm in the winter). If you feel like pedaling, it is possible to switch into mixed or full “human-powered” mode , which charges the battery at the same time. Designed for a modern lifestyle, the frame has a smartphone dock receiver which charges the handset too.

NgSOC doesn’t look like anything that you may have seen on the road, and I really like how the designers made the frame stand out while the wheels are as discrete as possible. This highlights the “alien” look of their creation nicely.  This polymer/carbon fantasy bike is only a computer-rendered concept at the moment, but we can only hope that it will become a product soon.

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