Twitter Working On Alternative Timeline For Trusted Friends
Unless you have a private Twitter account, all your tweets can be basically seen by anyone who follows you or has a link to the tweet itself. Given that some of us use Twitter for work, school, and personal, it’s not uncommon for people to juggle multiple Twitter accounts for different purposes.

Check Out This Shrunken Down Mac Pro Concept
Apple is expected to eventually transition its entire Mac lineup to its Apple Silicon processors. Right now, we’ve seen this applied to the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and the iMac, which means that the only computer that’s left would be the Mac Pro. We have heard that Apple is working on a pretty powerful Apple Silicon for a future Mac Pro, but what about the design?

Concept 16-inch MacBook Pro Renders Looks Amazing
According to the rumors, Apple is expected to introduce a brand new design for its upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro. The design the company has been using is kind of old, and the only changes Apple has made was to remove some ports and add a new color option, but otherwise it feels largely unchanged.

M1X Mac Mini Will Come With A Brand New Industrial Design
Apple’s Mac mini hasn’t really changed much in terms of design. For the most part it has been this square metal box, which is fine because it gets the job done, but according to Jon Prosser in his latest video, he claims that the next-gen Mac mini with the M1X chipset will come with a new industrial design.


Artist Renders MacBook Air In Bright, New Colors
If there is a trend we’re seeing with Apple products, is that for its more entry-level devices, Apple is trying to make them more unique by offering them in bright colors. This is versus its more “professional” lineup where Apple offers more subdued and “serious” colors. So much so that artist Ian Zelbo has put together some renders of the MacBook Air with a colorful finish.

This Is How Apple’s Redesigned iMac Could Look Like
Apple’s Spring Loaded event will be taking place tomorrow and we’re sure that many are excited for it. One of the rumored products that will be part of the event is a redesigned iMac. Apple hasn’t redesigned the iMac for almost a decade, so it makes sense that a redesigned model is on its way.

Huawei’s Smart Home Shows Off What HarmonyOS Can Do
Huawei had previously confirmed that they are developing their own mobile platform alternative to Android called HarmonyOS. However, the company notes that HarmonyOS isn’t just another smartphone operating system, but it will be a platform for all manner of smart devices including those for the home.

This Is What A Foldable iPhone Could Look Like
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could be developing a foldable iPhone of its own, but the question is what would such a device look like? Thanks to designer Svyatoslav Alexandrov, a video has been published onto the ConceptsiPhone YouTube page that gives us a look at what such a handset could look like if it were to be made.

Check Out These RTX 3080 Powered Sneakers
When it comes to PC cases, we’ve seen some pretty outlandish designs that aren’t necessarily practical, but they are pretty cool as a concept. However, we think that this might have taken the cake because the folks at RTKFT have teased what appears to be a pair of sneakers powered by NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 GPU while using some of NZXT’s PC components.

Xbox Handheld Concept Goes Viral On TikTok
While Sony used to dabble in handheld consoles, Microsoft on the other hand has pretty much held out from doing so, although we suppose if they had managed to acquire Nintendo, that would be a very different story. However, what if Microsoft were to launch a handheld console, what might it look like?

This Is What macOS Could Look Like In Augmented Reality
With rumors suggesting that Apple’s augmented reality glasses could launch as soon as this year, we’re sure that many are wondering what the future could look like for iOS and macOS devices with AR being more in focus. Thanks to 24-year-old designer Dominik Hofacker, we don’t have to wonder anymore.

An Apple Watch With Flat Sides Actually Looks Pretty Good
When Apple was first rumored to launch a smartwatch, many had expected the company to go with a more traditional watch design with a circular face, but instead the company opted for a square face with rounded edges and corners. On hindsight, it made sense as this followed the design language of the company’s iPhones at that time.

Oppo Shows Off A Concept Phone With A Rollable Display
In terms of flexible display technology, we know that displays that can be rolled up exist. In fact, LG started to sell its rollable TV this year, so we do know that such displays do exist and are possible to create, but what about putting such a display inside of a smartphone? That’s something that Oppo is looking into.

Apple Silicon iMac Concept Is The Stuff Of Dreams
Next week, Apple is expected to introduce their brand new Apple Silicon Mac computers, where the initial computers will be more focused on laptops, but eventually Apple will extend it to desktop computers like the iMac. We have heard rumors that Apple could also eventually introduce a redesigned iMac in 2021, which is something to be excited about.

This Is The MagSafe Battery Accessory Apple Should Make
By introducing MagSafe, a magnetic wireless charging system, Apple has certainly introduced an interesting way of creating accessories for the iPhone. So far in terms of official accessories, Apple has created cases and also a wallet accessory that magnetically clips onto the back of the iPhone, allowing users to store things like cards.

This Is The Foldable iPhone That Apple Should Make
With companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola making foldable phones, it didn’t really come as a surprise to hear the rumors that Apple could apparently be planning something similar. Whether or not the company actually goes ahead with such a handset remains to be seen.

This iMac Concept Is The One We’re Hoping Apple Is Making
According to the rumors, Apple is expected to launch a redesigned iMac. When exactly that will be remains to be seen, but in the meantime, designer Daniel Bautista has cooked up a concept that we are 100% digging and that we’re hoping could be close to the actual product, even though it does feel a bit unlikely.

Facebook Shows Off An Ultra-Thin Pair Of VR Glasses
Due to all the components needed in order to make virtual reality functional, pretty much all the VR headsets we’ve seen tend to be rather big and bulky and not exactly portable. However, over at Facebook Reality Labs, the company has shown off a proof-of-concept pair of VR glasses that look like a pair of regular glasses.

If Apple Made A Mechanical Keyboard, This Is What it Could Look Like
Apple’s Magic Keyboards are functional and as far as bundled keyboards with computers are concerned, they work just fine and there really isn’t that much to complain about. However, for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts out there, what if Apple were to one day make their own mechanical keyboard?

New iPhone 12 Navy Blue Concept Photos Look Stunning
Last year when Apple launched the iPhone 11, they introduced it in a green finish. However, we’re hearing rumors that this year, Apple might actually ditch the green and go for a navy blue finish. How will it look like? That’s really anyone’s guess right now, but thanks to renders by Svetapple, we might have an idea.