LED mounted in a contact lens project

Remember the single pixel contact lens that might usher in a new era of augmented reality goodness? Well, it seems that YouTube user bkraz333 read about it, and decided that having such a contact lens in a rabbit’s eye is not going to make the grade, figuring out that he would make an attempt at a similar idea, although he will be the proverbial “test bunny” instead. bkraz333 managed to complete this feat by laminating a coil of wire and an 0402 surface-mount LED between two ordinary soft contact lenses. Since both lenses failed to stick to one another, he had to fix the edges together through a simple act of pinching the plastic together with hot tweezers. This method surprisingly worked like a charm, at least good enough to capture 60 seconds worth of video with the LED illuminated in his eye. Just for video recording purposes, the LED was mounted facing forward, whereas the opposite is required for the real VR/AR display. As for the LED’s power source, it relies on a spark-gap transmitter that was constructed from a mechanical relay in order to send RF energy into a larger coil located near one’s eye.

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