What you see above is not some sort of image pulled out from a video game, but rather, is the result of the Portable Gamma Camera from Toshiba that makes life a whole lot easier if you are walking around, trying to sniff out radiation hotspots. So far, Toshiba will run a field test of the camera in collaboration with Fukushima City (Fukushima Prefecture, Japan) sometime later this month, where they intend to promote its use to the central bureaucracy as well as local governments in Japan from early next year onwards. How does the Portable Gamma Camera work? It will merge gamma ray data that is measured by its radiation sensor, where an image snapped by the camcorder inside with a signal processing device will be processed, and you can then visually tell just how much radiation there is in the vicinity through the clever use of color representation. Needless to say, red equals to high amounts of radiation and yellow, green and blue colors for lower radiation levels.

It will take some time to locate hotspots using radiation meters, and the Portable Gamma Camera would be something worth looking into. I wonder how Bruce Banner would look like when he stands behind this device – will he look like one big splot of red?

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