MediaDevil is a well-known name among those who deal with screen protectors, and the company has just announced its latest offering – the Magicwand stylus. The Magicwand is said to help in your navigation of your favorite touchscreen device, adding an extra level of precision in the process. Being compatible with virtually all capacitive touchscreen devices out there, it does not matter whether you are firmly entrenched in the iPad camp, or if you are “Android till I die!” group, or happen to tote around a now defunct HP TouchPad, the Magicwand will work its wonders and charm all the same.

This low friction stylus is said to offer a perfectly balanced weight alongside an 8mm nib, where it will deliver a greater amount of accuracy and control compared to what your fingertip can, never mind if your fingertip itself is extremely slim and slender. You will be able to choose from black, hot pink, red or blue shades, where it will be accompanied by a premium matte texture. With its removable lanyard, you can be sure your $9.97 investment will not get lost anytime soon as it plugs into the audio socket of your device.

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