Bit BrigadeAt MAGFest X last week – the 10th annual music and gaming festival, the performance group known as Bit Brigade (Mega Band when they perform Mega Man) made an appearance and got the crowd moving by performing the soundtrack of Mega Man 2 with expert gamer Noah McCarthy sitting on stage putting the game through a speed run. Not only did the band perform music from the stages, they managed to get the intro, select screen, and boss fights as well!

The speed run took about 40 minutes to complete, and the band kept playing the whole time, only taking short breathers in between some songs. Talk about impressive! Well if you didn’t manage to catch them live, you’re in luck. Someone managed to record the whole Mega Man 2 performance and put it up on YouTube. So if you’re a fan of the game and you’ve got about 40 minutes of time to kill, check it out below:

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