Librarian Embezzles $89,000, Spends It On A Mobile Game

In-game purchase are a popular way for developers and publishers to make money, especially through mechanisms such as loot boxes. However it seems that the lure of in-app purchases are more than what some can handle, which in the case of a Utah librarian resulted in him embezzling $89,000 in public money which he then used towards Game of War.

Blizzard To Reveal New Overwatch Content At Gamescom 2018

Gamescom 2018 will be kicking off in the next couple of days, and at the event we expect that there will be a bunch of new announcements and showcases from various developers and publishers. In fact Blizzard themselves are expected to make several announcements, such as new Overwatch content.

Valve Accidentally Launches New Broadcasting Platform Steam TV

Streaming is a huge deal these days, whether it be music, movies, TV shows, or games. This is why it did not exactly come as a huge surprise to see Valve launch its own streaming platform in the form of Steam TV, although it appears that this wasn’t really by choice as it was launched by accident.

Nintendo Introduces Anti-Cheating Tool For Splatoon 2

No one likes cheaters in video games. This is because it ruins the fun for everyone, and we’ve seen how developers over the years have toughened their stance on dealing with cheaters, where we’ve gone from warnings to outright bans. For Splatoon 2 players who are tired of cheaters, worry not as Nintendo has an anti-cheating system in place.


Rumor Claims 4K Nintendo Switch Could Launch In 2019

While the Nintendo Switch is enjoying a lot of success since its launch, it’s hard to ignore that it is underpowered when compared to consoles like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, both of which allow gamers to enjoy games played in 4K. Of course resolution is just one part of what makes games great, but we’re sure that Nintendo gamers would have liked to futureproof their purchases.

Sony’s God Of War Was Almost Set In Ancient Egypt

Sony’s God of War franchise started out based largely on Greek mythology, but when Sony announced a new installment in the franchise, they not only shook up the way the game was played with the introduction of Kratos’ son, but they also changed its settings where it was now based on Norse mythology.

Analyst Believes Sony’s PS5 Could Launch Late 2019

While the PS4 Pro does a pretty decent job at bringing 4K gaming onto home televisions, we’re sure many are already wondering what kind of hardware and gaming the next-gen PlayStation could bring to the table, which is why in recent times there has been a bit of talk about the Sony PS5.

Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Underway

If you’ve always thought about playing Rainbow Six Siege but never got around to buying it, well, you can now try out the game for free. The Rainbow Six Siege free weekend is underway and this title is free to play for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for the entire weekend. Such free weekend runs provide a great opportunity for gamers who are apprehensive about purchasing a title […]

Forza Horizon 2 Will Be Removed From The Xbox Store On September 30th

With the arrival of Forza Horizon 4 just around the corner, Turn 10 and Microsoft have decided to award “end of life” status to the much appreciated Forza Horizon 2. It has been confirmed by the publisher that this title is going to be removed from the Xbox Store on September 30th. Those who don’t already have a copy by then will be unable to get the title.

Blizzard Interested In Cross-Platform For Diablo 3 On The Switch

Blizzard has its own online gaming platform in the form of, where players can play with each other and chat with each other, even if they’re playing different games. However with the console versions of Blizzard’s games, unfortunately those players have been closed off to the rest of the community.

Blizzard Would Love To See Diablo In Super Smash Bros.

With Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch having been made official, it opens the door to all kinds of possibilities, such as seeing more Blizzard games launched on the Switch, or maybe it could even see some of Blizzard’s characters get folded into Nintendo games. Recently an interview with Game Informer has revealed that Blizzard is not opposed to the idea of bringing some of their characters to the Super […]

Diablo 3 On The Switch Will Run At 60fps ‘Across The Board’

Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch was recently confirmed and will be released later this year. There are no doubt some questions that gamers might have about the upcoming game, namely its performance on Nintendo’s console. For those who were worried that the Switch’s hardware could hold the game’s performance back, it seems that you need not worry.

3D Printed Xbox One Steering Wheel Controller Is All Kinds Of Awesome

Input devices like keyboard, mice, and gamepads are great for playing games with, but they tend to be rather “general” in terms of use. This is by no means a bad thing, but when it comes to certain games, there is no doubt more niche controllers could do a better job. For example arcade fighting games might benefit from a fight stick setup, and driving games a steering wheel controller.

New Trailer For ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Released

If the second season for Marvel’s Iron Fist is a series that you have been looking forward to, you’ll be pleased to learn that Netflix has recently released a new trailer for the upcoming second season. It gives us a better look at what to expect from the new season, which last we checked was set for a release on the 7th of September.