Rumor Claims Apple Might Be Developing A Nintendo Switch-Like Gaming Device
You don’t necessarily think of Apple when it comes to gaming, but it would be a lie to say that the company isn’t interested in the area. After all, Apple Arcade seems like a pretty good indication that they are interested in gaming to some degree. However, is Apple interested enough to pursue hardware designed for it?

NVIDIA RTX 3050, 3050 Ti GPUs Lift Affordable Gaming Laptops Beyond 60 FPS
The laptop gaming market is firing on all cylinders, and these new NVIDIA GPUs will turbocharge that growth as the new chips power affordable gaming computers, and that’s where the volume is.These GeForce RTX 3050 laptops start as low as $799, which should result in an impressive “graphics speed per dollar” performance ratio, a key metric when reviewing gaming rigs.As you might expect, the RTX 3050 is the entry-level model, […]

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Will Be Getting A PC Port
PC gamers might be familiar with the Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 series, and might also be excited about the upcoming third game in the series. However, while we are waiting for an official release date for the third title, PC gamers might be interested and possibly excited to learn that Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance will be getting a PC port after all these years.

Possible Trailer For Battlefield 2021 Could Launch This June
If you’re looking forward to learning more about the next Battlefield game, then you might want to mark your calendars for June. This is because according to a tweet by the official Battlefield account, it seems that the company is planning to make an announcement next month, but what exactly it will be is unclear.


Sony Accused Of Monopoly By Restricting PlayStation Games To The PlayStation Store
If you wanted to buy a PC game, there are so many options available to you. There are physical game retailers that you can choose from, then there are also various digital storefronts that are available to gamers. This has since created a pretty competitive place where sometimes, sales are offered on one platform which makes it more appealing.

Microsoft Confirms They Have Never Profited From Selling Xbox Consoles
Over the years, Microsoft has pushed out different models and generations of Xbox consoles. The consoles are sold at a few hundred dollars each, but what’s interesting is that Microsoft has actually never profited from selling them. This interesting nugget of information was revealed during the Apple VS Epic trial.

‘Fortnite’ Could Return To iOS Through GeForce Now This October
As it stands, Fortnite is not officially available through Apple’s App Store. The removal of the game was due to Epic violating Apple’s App Store rules, which later led to the lawsuit between Apple and Epic. What’s interesting about this lawsuit is that it looks like we might have an idea of when the game could return to iOS.

Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage Lets Gamers Create And Share Their Own Switch Games
If you have little to no experience when it comes to programming, the idea of creating your own game from scratch seems rather daunting. However, we have seen various developers create tools that make the development process easier, and it looks like Nintendo is jumping in with a new Switch software called the Game Builder Garage.

Sony Patents A System That Lets Struggling Players Get Help From An Expert
We’ve all played games in the past where there are certain puzzles, levels, or boss fights that just feel impossible to beat. We’ve probably tried over and over again dozens of times, turned to walkthroughs, and in some cases, just give up. However, Sony thinks that they might have the answer to your problems.

Microsoft Says They Won’t Be Reducing The Cut They Get From The Xbox Store
Last week, Microsoft announced that they will be making changes to the cut they get from developers from the Microsoft Store. Instead of a more traditional 70-30 split where Microsoft gets 30%, they will be changing it to a 88-12 split, meaning that Microsoft will now take a 12% cut.

Confidential Emails Reveal That Walmart Was Working On A Cloud Gaming Service
During the lawsuit between Apple and Epic, confidential emails were revealed as part of an exhibit. What’s interesting is that based on these emails, it seems that several years ago, Walmart was actually developing its own cloud gaming service that they were pitching to companies such as Epic to try and get Fortnite as one of the available games.

Valve Launches A $1/month Stat Tracking Service For CS:GO
Stats are important in games, especially if you’re an amateur looking to take their gaming skills to the next level. This is because stats can tell us a lot about our gameplay and where we might be weak and areas that we can improve upon. If you’re looking to take your CS:GO skills to the next level, you’re in luck.

Apple And Epic Once Considered Creating A Fortnite Bundle
Chances are you’ve heard of the current legal battle between Apple and Epic. The narrative makes it seem like both companies are bitter enemies, but it seems that at one point in time, both companies were chummy enough where apparently they were going to work together to create a bundled subscription service.

Discord Will Integrate Into The PlayStation Network In 2022
Not too long ago, there were rumors suggesting that Discord and Microsoft were in talks where Microsoft was apparently interested in acquiring the company. It made a lot of sense as to why Microsoft could be interested, especially since Discord is known as a platform gamers use to communicate, so acquiring them and integrating their services into the Xbox platform makes sense.

Riot Will Record Valorant Voice Chats To Address Toxicity Issues
A lot of online games face the same problem – player toxicity. This is a problem that we imagine will never go away, but developers can take active steps to try and reduce it to a minimum, which is what Riot is hoping to do with Valorant. The company has announced a new initiative which involves the recording of voice chats.

Naughty Dog Has Already Plotted Out The Last Of Us 3
With the success Sony’s The Last of Us has been having, it is obvious that the company would love to be able to push ahead with more titles. Right now, there are only two titles under its belt, but it seems that a third is already being worked on, although we suggest that you do not get too excited just yet.

Among Us Announced For The PS4 And PS5
Back in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic, a lot of people started playing an indie game called Among Us. It’s basically like a game of Mafia where “killers” are hiding in plain sight on board a spaceship and players have to go about completing tasks while trying to figure out who the killers are.

Google Stadia Finally Gains A Search Bar
One of the key products and services to have come from Google is search. They have arguably one of the best search engines in the world, but for some odd reason, when the company launched its Stadia service, they left out the search bar. That is, until today, where they have finally added the ability to search.

Epic Won’t Be Bringing Fortnite Onto Microsoft’s xCloud Platform
Right now, Fortnite is available on a multitude of platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox platform, so you would think that it would also eventually be made available through Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming services. However, if you were hoping for that to happen as a way to play Fortnite on iOS devices, think again.

Samsung Galaxy Book Odyssey: A Promising 15.6” Gaming Laptop
A new kind of Galaxy Book has launched today: the gaming-oriented Galaxy Book Odyssey. For those unfamiliar with Samsung’s line of computers, Odyssey is the umbrella for everything gaming, including laptops, desktops, VR headsets, and monitors.The introduction of this new laptop was strangely low-key during Samsung’s Unpack event, but we think it is an exciting product. Let’s start with the technical highlights.Pairing a Gen11 Intel i5/i7 CPU with the new […]