BioWare Just Cancelled Their Plans For An Anthem Redesign
The initial release of BioWare’s Anthem did not go as well as the company would have liked. However, in 2020, they announced that they would be trying to rectify the problems by giving the game a redesign and overhaul. If you were hoping to see this game launched anytime soon, you should probably give up.

Beloved Indie Farming Sim Stardew Valley Is Now A Board Game
There’s something charming about the graphics, story, and gameplay of Stardew Valley that has fans continuing to play the game years after its release. The fact that its developer, ConcernedApe, has also pumped out big updates over the years has definitely helped with the game’s staying power.

Diablo IV Rogue Class Gameplay Trailer Launched
While many are still eagerly anticipating the release of Diablo IV, during BlizzConline, the company did show off some footage of what we might be able to expect. This comes in the form of a gameplay trailer for the Rogue character class. The Rogue will be one of four confirmed classes available in the game.

Blizzard Will Be Re-Releasing Its Classic Arcade Games
Many gamers probably know Blizzard for games like StarCraft, Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo, but for those who are unfamiliar, the company actually started out making arcade games. If you never got the chance to play those games, then you’ll be pleased to learn that they will soon be made available.


Diablo II: Resurrected Officially Announced
A couple of years ago, the original creators of the Diablo game believed that Blizzard would not be making a Diablo 2 remake/remaster. This is because they claimed that a lot of the original assets were lost, which meant that Blizzard would essentially need to build a lot of things from scratch.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic Leaked Ahead Of BlizzConline
Caving into the demand from fans, Blizzard released World of Warcraft Classic. For those unfamiliar, this is basically the original version of World of Warcraft from back in the day, where the game was considerably harder as it did not come with the various quality of life improvements that Blizzard has introduced to the series over time.

Mortal Kombat Movie Trailer Promises Action As Violent As The Games
Ever since the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie, there have been several attempts at trying to bring it to the screen again and in other formats besides the games. This included animated series, live-action television series, comic books, novels, and more, although a lot of them seemed to fall short and didn’t last very long.

NVIDIA To Limit Consumer GPU Crypto-Mining Performance, Launches Mining GPUs
The gaming GPU market has been in turmoil during the past months because crypto-miners are snatching all the GPU supplies. This buying surge has created broad discontent among potential GPU buyers who can’t get their hands on the latest NVIDIA GPUs, and definitely not at an “affordable” price.A good example of that is the uproar that followed the recent Zotac post about GPU mining, representing exactly what NVIDIA wants to […]

Valve Bans Developer From Steam For Calling His Company ‘Very Positive’
Before we buy anything, we usually look for reviews to get an idea of how good a product is. While reviews aren’t always a guarantee of a good product, it does help to paint a general idea in our minds. After all, if a product has an average of 4/5 stars based on 10,000 reviews, it should more or less be a good indicator.

Microsoft Just Launched A Pair Of Xbox Branded Wireless Headphones
When it comes to headphones, Microsoft might seem like an odd brand to think about, but over the years, the company has launched several audio products such as headphones and wireless earbuds. Now it looks like they’re back with a new pair of headphones, except that these have been designed for gaming in mind.

Valve’s Dota 2 Will Be Getting Its Own Animated Series On Netflix
Dota 2 is one of the most played games around the world, with Valve hosting an annual tournament that brings the best players together with prize money that puts more traditional sporting competitions to shame. That being said, we’re not surprised that they are looking to expand on the franchise.

YouTuber Spent $70,000 Creating The World’s Largest (And Functional) PS5
If you thought that the Sony PS5 was kind of huge, then you might need a little perspective because YouTuber ZHC has revealed what can only be described as the world’s largest PS5 to date. This unit is said to be 100 times larger than the actual console itself, but here’s the kicker, it actually works.

Google Will Bring More Than 100 Games To Stadia This Year
If Google is hoping to make Stadia a success, obviously one of the things they need to do is ensure that there is a good catalogue of games for gamers to choose from. For those who feel that Stadia is still lacking in games, you might want to remain a bit patient as Google is promising more than 100 games will be arriving on the Stadia platform this year.

Microsoft Starts Internal Testing Of Xbox Cloud Gaming On PCs
Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate comes with a feature that allows gamers to stream Xbox games onto devices like Android phones or tablets. Oddly enough, this option was not given to those on PC, even though Microsoft also owns the Windows operating system, but there is some good news on that front.

NVIDIA Is Bringing Back The GTX 1050 Ti
Right now, the latest NVIDIA GeForce cards are its 30 series. However, if you’ve been trying to build your own PC, you might have realized that their GPUs are a bit hard to come by as people have been snapping them up pretty quickly. To address GPU shortages, it seems that NVIDIA has done something a bit unconventional.

dbrand Unveils Sony PS5 Custom Skins, Looks Pretty Awesome
Last year it was revealed in leaked photos that it seems that the Sony PS5 could offer up more customizability in terms of design due to the plates being removable. This led to some companies offering to create custom PS5 plates, but this was quickly shut down as Sony sent them legal letters asking them to desist.

Pedro Pascal Cast As Joel In HBO’s The Last Of Us Series
The other day it was reported that HBO had finally cast the actress, Bella Ramsey, who would be playing Ellie in the upcoming limited series The Last of Us. We were wondering then who could be picking up the role of Joel, who acts as Ellie’s protector in the video game by Sony and Naughty Dog.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Source Code Has Already Been Auctioned Off
The other day, developer CD Projekt announced that their internal systems were breached as a result of a hack. The hackers left a message claiming that they stole source code for several of the studio’s games, including Cyberpunk 2077, and threatened to release it online if their demands weren’t  met.

Epic Debuts Its MetaHuman Creator Tool That Lets You Create Realistic Faces In Your Browser
Back in the day of video game development or animation, if you wanted to create extremely realistic models, it was not an easy process. It still isn’t necessarily easy, but these days creation tools have come a long way in helping simplify that process, like Epic’s recently announced MetaHuman Creator tool.

PS5 DualSense Controllers Are Already Experiencing Drifting Problems
The analog sticks on gaming controllers are essentially mechanical parts. This means that over time and with frequent usage, they can get damaged. However, the question is how long can we realistically expect them to last before they start displaying problematic behavior? In the case of Sony’s PS5 DualSense controllers, not very long.