EA Confirms Plants vs. Zombies 3 Is Being Developed

Plants vs. Zombies fan rejoice. EA has confirmed that the next title in this franchise is now in development. Not much has been revealed about the game at this point in time, only that it’s currently in a pre-alpha state on Android.

Nintendo Just Gave A Plane Full Of People Free Nintendo Switch Consoles

For most of us, flying to our destinations isn’t always the most enjoyable experience. There is turbulence, food that doesn’t always taste great, inconsiderate seatmates, and so on. However, it seems that a bunch of folks who took a Southwest Airlines flight just got the surprise of their life when Nintendo gifted each and everyone of them a free Switch console.

Microsoft Embraces The $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ‘Lifehack’

Usually when companies discover pricing errors, they will be quick to correct it. However, in Microsoft’s case, it seems that the company is embracing it and are actually encouraging its customers to take advantage of it, albeit for a limited time.

Dedicated Fan Recreates Entire ‘The Office’ Set In Far Cry 5

The Office is one of those TV shows that never get old. It’s right up there with the likes of Friends and Seinfeld with the kind of following that it has. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a very dedicated fan recreated the entire Dunder Mifflin office set in Far Cry 5 with incredible accuracy.


First PUBG Official Story Trailer Has Been Released

Battle royale titles aren’t popular because of their back story. They’re popular because you’re dropped in a shrinking map with loads of other players to fight it out until you’re the last person standing. PUBG is looking to add a story element to the game, though, and the first trailer released to provide a sort of a story for the game takes things into a darker direction.

Nintendo Launches New Switch With Improved Battery Life

There’s a new Nintendo Switch available starting today. It’s not new in the sense that it’s a newer generation. Nintendo has simply refreshed the Switch console and says that this particular one comes with improved battery life. This should be an incentive to purchase for those who would like to have more battery backup when they’re out and about with their Switch.

Nintendo Switch Owners Are Reporting Issues Of Joy-Con ‘Drift’

One of the unique features of the Nintendo Switch are its controllers, the Joy-Cons, which are a set of detachable controllers that come with a variety of sensors and motors inside of them. However, it seems that they might not necessarily have the best build quality because according to users, they are running into an issue with them known as “drifting”.

Tetris Effect Release Date For PC, Rift, And Vive Confirmed

Tetris Effect’s PS4 and PlayStation VR exclusivity is coming to an end. The release date for this title has been confirmed for PC, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift VR headsets. This game was first released for the PlayStation 4 last year. Billed as the “ultimate version” of the game, Tetris Effect is capable of displaying resolutions of 4K or more with an uncapped frame rate.

Ubisoft Reveals Games Included In The Uplay+ Subscription

Ubisoft will be launching its Uplay+ game subscription service later this year for both PC and Google Stadia. It said back when the service was announced at E3 last month that more than 100 games will be included in the service but didn’t say which ones. The company has now provided more information about the titles that will be a part of this subscription service.

Microsoft Kinect Used As A Security Camera At Newark Airport

Microsoft had pretty grand plans for its Kinect, where the motion-sensing device was kind of a revolution in the way games were designed. However, it didn’t really end up being the smash hit that they hoped, at least not amongst gamers. So much so that Microsoft ended up killing off the Kinect.

Apex Legends Cheaters Will Be Matched With Other Cheaters

Cheaters who use bots to improve their performance in competitive games ruin the experience for everyone since they don’t want to play fair. Developers have a zero tolerance policy for cheaters and will waste no time in banning them. However, Apex Legends’ developer Respawn has another idea. It’s matching cheaters with other cheaters.

Microsoft To Shut Down Its Internet Games On Windows

As many Windows users are aware, Microsoft bundles a handful of games with its Windows operating system. This has been a staple feature over the past decade or so of Windows releases, but it seems that Microsoft has ultimately decided that they will be retiring some of them.

Gears 5 Will Remove All References To Smoking And Tobacco

The Coalition has confirmed that it’s going to remove all references to smoking and tobacco from Gears 5. This is part of a new collaboration with the non-profit organization Truth Initiative. It’s devoted to eliminating smoking and tobacco usage. The two have worked together to remove references to this deadly habit from the game.

More Than 4,000 Developers Have Shown Interest In Google Stadia

Google’s Stadia game streaming service appears to have caught the attention of quite a few developers. According to Technical Account Manager Sam Corcoran, more than 4,000 developers have shown interest in supporting Google Stadia through the Stadia partners program.