‘Devil May Cry’ Animated Series Confirmed

Last month, the producer behind Netflix’s Castlevania animated series Adi Shankar posted on Instagram that he would be working with an “iconic Japanese gaming company” to adapt an “iconic video game series” into an animated series. This led to speculation that Shankar could be working on a Legend of Zelda animated series.

Disc-less Xbox One Rumored For Launch In 2019

When it comes to consoles like the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, gamers have the option of choosing between purchasing physical or digital games. There are benefits to both, where some might prefer physical for its collectibility and artwork, while others prefer digital because it’s easier to manage.

Square Enix Reportedly Already Working On A Game For The PS5

Now we know that there will be a PlayStation 5. Sony had previously confirmed as much, although there is the question of when the console will be released (some believe it could be launched in 2019). Regardless of a release date, it appears that Square Enix could already be working on something for the console.

Nintendo Explains Why They’re Still Keeping The 3DS Around

With the Nintendo Switch offering up a bigger display and more powerful hardware, it made sense that many believed that the Switch was designed to replace not just the Wii U, but also potentially the 3DS due to the fact that it could be taken around just as easily as it could be plugged into a TV.


Xbox Boss Says They Have A Lot To Share At E3 2019

E3 2019 is still more than half a year away, but it looks like Microsoft is starting to hype everyone up. In a recent tweet by Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the exec confirmed that they will have a lot of things to share with fans and gamers at the event, although what exactly those announcements will be remains to be seen.

Metroid Prime 4 Is ‘Well In Development’

Last year during E3 2017, Nintendo announced and confirmed that a new Metroid game in in development in the form of Metroid Prime 4. However fast forward to today, Nintendo seems to have kept mum on any kind of Metroid-related announcements, and updates on the status of the game were missing from Nintendo’s presentations this year.

Elder Scrolls: Blades Now Available For Pre-Order

Earlier this year during E3 2018, Bethesda took the wraps off a new mobile game called Elder Scrolls: Blade. The good news is that if you liked what you saw and wouldn’t mind getting your hands on the game, it appears that it is now available for pre-order/pre-registration for both iOS and Android devices.

Nintendo Confirms That They Will Be At E3 2019

Sony’s presence at E3 has been more or less a guarantee ever since the event was launched. However the company recently confirmed that for E3 2019, they will not be present. For those worried about Sony’s absence and whether or not this could be a sign of trouble in the industry, it seems that other companies don’t seem to be too bothered.

Nintendo Shoots Down Rumors Of An N64 Classic

With the success Nintendo saw with the NES and SNES Classic releases, it makes sense that the company would want to release new Classic consoles. In fact there have been trademarks and patent filings to suggest that such a console could indeed be in the works. Unfortunately it seems that it is only a pipe dream.

Overwatch Will Be Free To Play November 20-26

There have been some who are wondering if Blizzard could eventually make Overwatch a free-to-play game. As it stands, the game requires gamers to actually purchase the game before playing as there is no free trial period or a starter edition like World of Warcraft, but Blizzard did state that that’s what their free weekend events are for.

Sony Will Be Skipping E3 2019

For the past few E3 events, companies like Sony have been pretty much a mainstay where it is guaranteed that the company will be at the event to make some kind of PlayStation related announcement. Unfortunately for E3 2019, Sony will be breaking their streak because the company has confirmed that they will not be in attendance.

U.S. Army Turns To Fortnite As It Looks To Increase Recruitment

The U.S. Army failed for the first time in more than a decade to meet its recruitment goal. It’s reportedly aiming to expand its ranks to more than 500,000 in the next four years and was unable to meet its fiscal year target to recruit new soldiers. So it’s turning to one of the most popular games on the planet to help with recruiting new soldiers.

EA Announces 4K Remasters Of First Two Command & Conquer Games

EA did drop hints recently that it may remaster the Command & Conquer games and it’s now offering more information about the plan. The publisher has confirmed that it will be offering remastered versions of the first two Command & Conquer games. That’s not all, the original C&C and Red Alert games will be remastered in 4K.

Telltale Games Is Closing Down For Good

Telltale Games is the studio behind some popular episodic titles like The Walking Dead. However, it has been going through some troubles recently which led the studio to lay off a majority of its employees several weeks ago. Telltale was actually in assignment proceedings which are similar to bankruptcy. It has now been confirmed that this studio will be closing down for good.