If you’ve enjoyed playing id Software’s Rage FPS shooter game on your iOS device, you will be pleased to hear that Rage HD has seen an update to version 2.0 which brings about a couple of new “episodes” (or levels if you’d rather), high-resolution skins along with HDMI video support which we’re guessing will be for those who enjoy playing the game on their massive HD television sets.


The two new episodes are the Kraken and Aqueduct, both of which can be purchased together for $0.99 from Rage HD’s in-app store. For those who have yet to get their hands on Rage HD, you will be able to pick it up from the iTunes App Store for $1.99. A quick overview for those new to the game, Rage HD places the player as a contestant in a fictional reality show called Mutant Bash TV.

The gameplay itself is rather straightforward where you will fight your way through a horde of mutants with a variety of weapons, after which assuming you did not die in the process, will have successfully completed the “episode”. [iTunes App Store]

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