Velocity Micro Shine Projector fits in a pocket[CES 2012] Velocity Micro has just released its latest micro-projector called Shine Projector. The unit uses a classic combination of DLP (digital light processor) and LED lights to project a picture that should be good enough for most business presentations. I would not count on it to watch a movie, however, because although the 300-lumens of brightness is very good in the world of pocket projectors, 1200 or 2000 lumens would be more suited for multimedia applications other than (very) casual gaming. Yet, none of those powerful projector will fit in a (large) pocket, and most can be extremely hot when in use.

The Velocity Micro Shine Projector has a native resolution of 1280×768. It measures 4” on its longest side, and weighs 9 ounces, which is about the weight of two cellphones. As for power consumption, the Shine Projector uses 23 Watts.

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