Articles about CES 2012

Vizio 2013 Sound Bar
Vizio has made a successful entry in the sound bar market and it intends to continue this trend for 2013. I have to admit the ratio between price and sound quality is very good. At CES, the company has laid out its course of action for 2013: first of all, all the sound bars will have a unified design. This is a change from the 2012 editions, and a welcome […]

Seagate Wireless Plus: HDD That Matches Your Tablet's Battery Life
Seagate is convinced of two things: 1/ that the future of computing is largely going to be mobile and led by tablets and smartphones 2/ that mobile device don’t have nearly enough storage to satisfy the enthusiast market. They are probably right on both counts, especially when it comes to folks who like to walk around with all their music, videos and other content. That’s exactly what the Seagate Wireless […]

Belkin Thunderstorm iPad Speaker Case
Dubbed a Handheld Home Theater by its creators, The Belkin Thunderstorm is an iPad speaker case that aims at producing a great sound, while integrating with the iPad as closely as possible. The idea is that an external speaker (a la Jambox) may produce a reasonable sound and it is great at home, but it is typically not so awesome to transport and move around.With the Belkin Thunderstorm, the speaker […]

Top 10 CES Gadgets
LG and Samsung 55” OLED TV,At CES, both LG and Samsung have committed to commercialize large-size OLED televisions by the end of the year. While no pricing has been announced yet, the rumored price is said to be hovering around $8000. We don’t know how close this is to reality, but it’s fair to assume that most people won’t be able to afford one the first models. Fortunately, OLED TVs […]


Top 5 CES Trends
CES 2012 is now long gone, but we have seen a number of things that will likely mark the rest of the year, so we wanted to report back, and share with you our top 5 trends of CES 2012. Drop a comment to tell us what your top 5 trends are!1/ Ultrabooks are realUltrabooks have killed Netbooks, which is now a “zombie” computer category that catered to only two […]

Retro-Bit RetroDuo Portable plays your SNES video games
The world’s fascination and love for retro video games will never die, and every other week we find some new way to enjoy these out of production games that a lot of us grew up with. Last week at CES 2012, Retrobit showed off its Retroduo Portable for the first time – a handheld SNES console that lets you play retro games on the go. It’s basically a portable SNES […]

SoftKinetic offers its own Kinect-like camera
While Microsoft might be the makers of the Kinect, that doesn’t mean they’ve created the best version of the motion controller for consumers – at least SoftKinetic seems to think so. At CES 2012, SoftKinetic stated that its “Time of Flight” technology used in its DepthSense DS311 camera is more responsive and accurate than the PrimeSense technology used in the Kinect. Time of Flight sends out a signal to a […]

Solowheel does the Segway jig with one wheel
A name like Solowheel might be interpreted by Star Wars fans as a new vehicle of Han Solo’s, while those who attended the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas would know that this is a motorized, seat-less unicycle that lacks a frame or saddle. The footboards will fold out from the wheel as though it hailed from the future and has some sort of Cybertronian technology built inside, and in […]

Sony high-speed SD memory cards
[CES 2012] Amidst all the Smart TVs, digital cameras, camcorders and the Crystal LED Display that were paraded at the recently concluded CES, something as small as an SD memory card got lost in translation, but thankfully we managed to pick up word on this after all the dust had settled. Sony has expanded its family of SD memory cards with a new flagship series that were specially designed for […]

Sony MicroVault line improved at CES 2012
[CES 2012] CES 2012 saw Sony announce an improvement in their MicroVault range, where the new models that comprise USM-Q, USM-P and USM-M will include the entire spectrum of users, ranging from those who want ultra-fast, high performance to a more modern, stylish, and easy-to-use model. After all, different strokes for different folks apply here, so there is no need for all storage devices to function the same way, according […]

Windows Phone Skype app going gold soon
[CES 2012] It seems that Microsoft’s Windows Phone Skype app is well on its way to being gold, as Skype’s VP of products, Rick Osterloh, recently revealed that Microsoft’s Skype division is “working on a Windows Phone product that will be coming out soon.” This was let loose from his lips during an interview at the recently concluded CES 2012, and with Microsoft being tight lipped over the detail of […]

Glass keyboard concept spotted at CES 2012
[CES 2012] The glass keyboard idea that appeared on Kickstarter? Well, it managed to garner $143,583 out of the requested $50,000, so to see this Bluetooth enabled peripheral sitting on its metal base at CES is definitely something. Being able to get up close and personal with what is deemed as the “Multi-touch Keyboard,” this unique device can also be connected to a computer via USB if you do not […]

Liquid Image Ego cam
[CES 2012] Liquid Image’s claim to fame would be its underwater mask with a built-in camera, and it is nice to know that the company is not a one-trick pony as their product range has just been expanded to accommodate the tiny new Ego cam. Targeting the extreme athlete niche market, this camera might be small in size, but do not look down on its capabilities – it is full […]

Haier transparent HDTV graces CES showfloor
[CES 2012] Haier takes the Minority Report route with their transparent HDTVs this CES, where you will be able to choose from a 22″ or 46″ model, depending on your budget (as well as size of your room). Both of them are OLED TVs, sporting a rather alternative resolution of 1680 x 1050, and is said to be 15% more efficient in terms of power consumption compared to your regular […]

Mimomicro expands the Mimobot line further
[CES 2012] What is extremely small, cute as a button, and carries plenty of data? Most of us would remember the Mimobot USB flash drive range from Mimoco that takes advantage of the intellectual property of movie franchises like Star Wars, packaging USB flash drives with a higher-than-normal price tag just because some Star Wars fan wants to collect them all. Well, we will not be dealing with USB flash […]

Holographic iPad illusion from InnoVision
[CES 2012] A mirage can be a very dangerous thing in the desert, but out here in Las Vegas, this is one mirage that I do not mind seeing materialize in the real world – a holographic iPad. This illusion from InnoVision of Taiwan relies on a glass cage enclosure to project a hologram above any device, where their in-house technology would in turn let you view 2D videos as […]

FaceCake demos Swivel virtual fitting room application
[CES 2012] A virtual fitting room – now that is certainly far less of a hassle to try out new clothes compared to the traditional fitting room, even more so for folks like me who wear prescription glasses. After all, removing my glasses before slipping on a new T-shirt and doing the same to wear back my previous shirt can be quite a hassle after the umpteenth time. FaceCake has […]

Nokia Lumia 900 to hit AT&T this March?
[CES 2012] The Nokia Lumia 900 seems to eschew one point concerning Windows Phone models – it places emphasis on quality more than quantity, as how many Windows Phone-powered smartphones do you see released in recent memory? Well, the high end, US-centric Nokia Lumia 900 certainly looks as though it is going to do well on the sales charts (on paper anyways), so you might want to read up our […]

Xpand 3D active shutter glasses
[CES 2012] The world of 3D glasses are separated into two groups – active shutter and passive shutter, and what you see here are 3D active shutter glasses from Xpand 3D, where the one shown right after the jump would target kids (you can tell by the smaller size). At least this pair of 3D glasses do not look all that dorky, although I do think that ordinary folks who […]

EV Mini Sport electric sports car hails from Japan
[CES 2012] Electric sports cars do not really make much sense considering the amount of power required to keep it as nimble and quick as the petrol-powered version, but that does not mean it is impossible. After all, Tesla has done it, but no other company seems to be concentrating on that particular automotive segment as much. Japan’s EV Mini Sport measures 2.49m in length, is 1.29m wide and 1.09m […]