The iPhone has become one of the more popular casual portable gaming platforms, and one of the more cerebral titles would be Words With Friends. Here is an interesting use of it – instead of making full use of your word power and vocabulary, a woman in Blue Springs, Missouri, used it to save lives. She started playing Words With Friends with a a stranger who resides halfway around the world a few months ago. Australian Georgie Fletcher went up against Beth Legler, where both of them struck up a friendship within a short time and started to take advantage of one of the game’s feature which allows you to text your opponent. One of the games saw Georgie mention to Beth that her husband, Simon, was not feeling great at all, and Beth shared Simon’s symptoms with her doctor husband Larry.

Needless to say, one thing led to another and Larry managed to perform an instant diagnosis, urgently instructing Beth to inform Georgie that her husband needs to be whisked away to the hospital – pronto! Good thing Georgie heeded that golden nugget of an advice, where doctors at the hospital discovered that Simon had a 99% blockage near his heart, and if left untreated, could have left Simon for dead. Thanks to that, Simon is alive and well today. What other situations do you think games are able to save lives?

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