Alright gamers, time to ‘fess up! We’ve all been guilty of expressing our rage especially during the course of playing online games. This has ranged from “rage quitting”, to mouthing off a string of obscenities aimed at the opposing player, to even threatening the other player that “you know where he/she lives” and that you will get your friends to beat him/her up. As childish as all those practices sound, unfortunately they do occur on a daily basis, although in this case it looks like the threat got a little too real.

A teenage boy in Texas was minding his own business and playing Call of Duty: Black Ops at home just like he does on a regular basis, when all of a sudden, “Some dude just popped out of nowhere, and basically said he’s going to hack me, he’s going to get my information, call the SWAT team over to my front yard.” If you’ve played enough online games, threats like these usually tend to be overlooked, but boy was the kid surprised when an entire SWAT team showed up right outside his home.

It was later discovered that someone had used a telephone relay service to send a message to the police pretending to be someone from inside the house. The message said that someone had been shot and that there continued to be gunfire. Naturally this proved not to be the case and now the search is on for the gamer who sent the message, and to figure out where that police phone call came from.

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