If you follow the “pack leader” school of thought when it comes to caring for your canine friend, then you would definitely know that bringing your pooch out for his or her daily walk is extremely important, not only to burn off physical energy, but mental energy as well, resulting in a settled down dog. After all, not only does your pooch get some exercise, so do you – and everyone knows that a tired dog is a good dog. For the lazier dog owners out there who are always looking for ways to take a shortcut, check out this unique Dog Walk Out barrel. I am told by some quarters in the local chapter of the agility club that dog treadmills are detrimental to our pets in the long sun, as running or walking in a stationary spot just does not deliver the same kind of effect as walking around the neighborhood or park – in fact, it might even drive them nuts! What do you think? Since you are already all dressed up for an outdoor walk, you might as well go through the motions instead of goofing around the Dog Walk Out barrel.

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