Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade for Forever AlonesIf you think that you will most probably remain single for the rest of your life, and prefer to devote the bulk of your waking time (apart from working to support yourself and not be a parasite) to video games, then the Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade might be just the thing for you. It is not only a high-end gaming PC that boasts full driving controls, a comfortable seat and a High Definition projector which will beam video onto a nearby wall, but will also be able to hold a couple of five-gallon (19-liter) kegs – the equivalent of a half-barrel. Not only that, you can gain “access” to the nectar of the gods inside thanks to the integrated beer tap that is located directly above the cup-holder, letting you pour while you play. This is one way for you to drink and drive in a totally safe environment, although where is the fun in that?

The only drawback? The relatively high price of $5,995. This is hardly surprising, however, since it is custom-made and pre-built for each order, boasting a fully-adjustable leather steering wheel, metal gas, brake and clutch pedals (with variable resistance), dual-motor force feedback (for realistic rumbling effects), and a 2-player control panel with built-in trackball. You can also hook up the Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade to the PS3 via USB.

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