Everyone can be a psychic one day, or so that is the impression that I received after reading up about the efforts of a group of neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley, who claimed to have discovered a new scientific method to read people’s minds. Should their methodology be flawless and can be applied universally across all demographic, this means you need not be born as a mutant ala Professor Xavier of the X-Men, being one of the most powerful psychics known in the universe. Post-doctoral researcher Brian Pasley leads his team of scientists to work on a method that is said to “crack” the electrical signals in a person’s brain even as they pay close attention to words or conversation.

Once these signals are “decrypted”, they can be used to recreate the imagined speech of said subject. The temporal lobe of the brain holds the key, as that is the part where it processes auditory perception. Whenever you hear a word or phrase being spoken, this activity will occur in your temporal lobe, and is the same place where the same word or phrase is imagined.

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