Body Surrogate Robots Could Be Used To Help The Disabled

People with motor impairment can sometimes find it hard to take care of themselves. This means that in some instances, they might need to hire a healthcare professional to take care of them. However it seems that researchers at Georgia Tech might have figured out a way that could allow those with motor impairment to take care of themselves, and that is through the use of robots.

Apple Watch Will Try To Reduce False Afib Notifications

One of the new features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is that it comes with a built-in ECG. The feature seems to have saved more than its fair share of lives to date, but at the same time it seems that some doctors aren’t a fan of the feature as it seems to be causing undue panic for some of their patients.

Withings Sleep Tracking Mat Can Now Detect Sleep Apnea

According to the statistics, about 22 million people in the US suffer from sleep apnea. It’s not something that you might know you have, but if you usually find yourself waking up feeling more tired despite having 8 hours of sleep (or more), there is a chance that sleep apnea could be the reason.

Patient In London Might Be The Second Person To Have Been Cured Of HIV

These days thanks to the advancement of modern medicine, science, and technology, people who contract HIV can still lead relatively normal lives, even if their lives might have been shortened due to the fact that at the moment there is still no known cure for the disease. However there is hope.


Mayo Clinic Creates Online Tool That Predicts Kidney Stones

Have you had kidney stones before? These issues are not a one time deal as they can happen again, but if you’d like to possibly get ahead of the problem, not to worry because the folks at the Mayo Clinic have developed an online tool that has the ability to predict whether or not you might be at risk of getting kidney stones again.

Alphabet Exploring Smart Shoes That Can Detect Falls

The Apple Watch Series 4 has a built-in feature that can detect when the user has fallen and call for help if they do not respond. So far the Apple Watch is one of the few, if not the only, smartwatch that offers that feature. However it seems that Google’s parent company Alphabet might be exploring similar tech, except in shoes.

Prosthetic Legs Tuned Using AI Can Help Patients Walk Better, Faster

We imagine that putting on a prosthetic limb for the first time ever can be rather disconcerting. This means that patients tend to take time to get used to it, to walking around, and potentially even running. However it seems that researchers believe that by using AI to tune these prosthetic limbs, it could help speed up the recovery process.

Future Apple Watches Could Detect Strokes

Ever since the Apple Watch was launched, one of its features was the ability to let users know if they were suddenly experiencing high or low heart rates out of the blue, suggesting that they could have a heart problem. This has led to several lives being saved. This was later improved upon with an ECG monitor which also proved to be just as useful (although some doctors disagree).

First 5G Remote Surgery Completed In China

We’re going to be hearing a lot about 5G this year. It’s one of the buzzwords for 2019. Major carriers in countries like the United States and South Korea will be opening up their consumer 5G networks as mobile manufacturers launch compatible devices. The next-generation network technology is also being used in other applications. It was used for successfully completing the first 5G remote surgery in China.

AI Found To Be More Accurate Than Doctors At Detecting Cervical Cancer

It is recommended that we go regularly for checkups at our doctors to ensure that we are healthy and that there are no issues with general health. These checkups can also help to look for cancer, but sometimes this can be missed even by experts. This is why we’re starting to see more AI being trained when it comes to cancer detection.

Some Doctors Thinks Healthy Individuals Under 65 Should Ignore The Apple Watch’s ECG

The Apple Watch ECG feature is designed to help provide users with a more detailed look at their heart and whether or not there are abnormalities in its rhythm, which can sometimes indicate that something is wrong. In fact last year we heard the first instance of how the Apple Watch’s ECG feature saved its first life.

ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief Offers First Bioelectronic Treatment For Sinus Pain

Tivic Health has unveiled the ClearUp Sinus Pain Relief device at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas. The company describes it as the first bioelectronic treatment for sinus pain. It’s a handheld device which provides a new way to manage sinus pain for the 40 million Americans who suffer from allergic rhinitis.

Researchers Develop AI That Detects Alzheimer’s Six Years Early

Being able to anticipate or predict something way before it happens allows us to better prepare ourselves. In the case of our health, sometimes an early diagnosis means that there could be a chance of you curing the problem entirely, or at least preventing it from affecting you too badly and making adjustments to your life accordingly.

Withings BPM Core Lets You Measure Your Vitals At Home

#CES2019 – Withings is known for their health-related products, whether it be a watch that can track your fitness, a weighing scale that can analyze your body composition, or a sleep tracker. Now if you’re someone who needs to or wants to keep track of their body’s vitals from the comfort of their own home, then you might be interested to learn that the company has announced the BPM Core.