Massive Study Confirms The Apple Watch Is Quite Adept At Detecting Irregular Heart Rates

In the past, we have heard countless stories about how the Apple Watch’s heart rate detection feature, and more recently its ECG feature, have saved many lives. Is it all fluke? Could it merely be coincidental that all these reported cases are from people who so happen to wear an Apple Watch instead of a competing wearable?

Microsoft Develops AI That Can Detect Cervical Cancer A Lot Faster Than Humans

AI has been steadily finding its way into our healthcare industry, where due to its speed and ability to spot things that a human might not, it has been used for diagnosis where it can potentially spot health problems way before they happen or become too serious for it to be treated.

Researchers Develop Algorithm That Can Help Doctors Detect Brain Hemorrhages

Thanks to science and the advancement of technology, we’re starting to see doctors gain new tools that could potentially help them save lives that they might not have been able to before. Thanks to the work of UC Berkeley and UCSF researchers, it seems that they have developed an algorithm that could help doctors better and faster detect brain hemorrhages.

The World’s Smallest Camera Is The Size Of A Grain Of Sand

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes, with some being huge and bulky where they are used to capture hi-res images, while others are smaller where they can fit into our smartphones, and then there are some that are even smaller where they could be used for medical purposes, such as the OmniVision OV6948.


Thermal Imaging Camera At Tourist Attraction Spots Woman’s Breast Cancer

Diseases are tricky things, where sometimes they can lie dormant for years only to surface when it might be too late to do anything about it. Sometimes we get lucky, as was the case with a 41-year old woman by the name of Bal Gill where it seems that during a recent trip to Camera Obscura and World of Illusions in Edinburgh that she was tipped off that she might […]

Olympus ORBEYE Neurosurgery Camera, Powered Sony Camera Sensors

At CEATEC 2019, we spotted the Olympus ORBEYE, a powerful medical camera that is powered by Sony Camera sensors, some of them small enough to fit in our phones.

Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Helps Paralyzed Man Walk Again

Our brains are amazing things and we have all see movies where characters can use their minds to control objects or even people. While it might seem far-fetched, there is a grain of truth in such movies, especially when in real-life, we have seen scientists and researchers develop tools that can be controlled using our brain.

Intel Hopes To Use AI To Help Paralyzed Patients Regain Movement Again

We’ve seen AI used in the medical industry before, where thanks to the use of the algorithms and machine learning, it can help doctors detect diseases in patients that they might have otherwise overlooked. Now it seems that Intel wants to leverage AI and take it one step further by potentially help paralyzed patients walk again.

Researchers Create An App That Can Detect Eye Disease In Photos

Technology has come a very long way from back in the day. These days, objects in photos can be recognized through the use of AI, and where we can search for photos based on what’s inside of them or what kind of photo it is. Thanks to the advancement of technology, researchers have also since managed to develop an app that can detect eye disease just by looking at photos.

Neural Implants Will Possibly Make Us Telepathic

We already have some neural interfaces that help connect the brain to a computer using Artifical Intelligence. Even though that is beneficial in the medical sector only, a new report by The Royal Society says that the brain implants might enable us to read other people’s thoughts.

New Prosthetic Will Let Amputees ‘Feel’ Their Foot And Knee

The idea behind prosthetics is that they let amputees live their lives more normally. For example, an amputee without a leg might find it hard to walk, but giving them a prosthetic will make their lives a bit easier. However, the downside to prosthetics is that it will never, ever feel like a real limb.

Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band for Better Sleep

We were invited to IFA GPC in late April, a media event that showcased sneak peeks of the upcoming innovations presented now at the IFA 2019 conference in Berlin.

Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Grow A Tooth’s Enamel

There is a reason why we have been told to avoid eating certain types of food and drinking certain types of drinks, like soft drinks. This is because there are types of food and drink that can erode the enamel on our teeth. This in turn can cause more complicated tooth problems due to the fact that enamel cannot self-repair or grow back.

Researchers Create A Thread-Like Robot That Can Traverse Through Blood Vessels

The problem with open brain surgery are the risks involved in cutting someone’s head open and leaving the brain exposed. However, it is sometimes necessary to deal with certain health issues. However, over at MIT, engineers have managed to create a thread-like robot that is apparently thin enough where it could traverse through the patient’s blood vessels.