MIT To Share Its Plans For A $100 Ventilator Online For Free
Healthcare facilities around the world are facing a shortage in medical equipment. This is due to the unprecedented outbreak of the coronavirus which has affected hundreds of thousands of people around the world. This is clearly a lot more patients than most hospitals are equipped to handle.

Abbott’s New COVID-19 Test Kit Can Produce Results In 5 Minutes
One of the problems faced by hospitals around the world is that testing kits for the COVID-19 virus are scarce, and with the number of infected cases rising, some hospitals are only choosing to use their test kits for patients that exhibit more severe symptoms, or at least symptoms that are more in line with the virus.

This K-Pop Singer Invented A Face Mask That Lets You Drink Water Without Removing It
One of the things that not many people know about face masks is that they need to be removed properly and in a certain way, otherwise you could end up infecting yourself anyway. Also, the way face masks are designed, they don’t allow for you to drink or eat, but thanks to a patent filed by TVXQ’s Yunho in Korea, he has come up with a design that could solve […]

Ford To Start Making Ventilators And Respirators
Hospitals around the world are starting to run out of medical equipment and supplies. This is due to the coronavirus outbreak that has put an immense strain on healthcare facilities around the world, where the number of cases seem to be rising everyday. In response to the crisis, it seems that many companies are now starting to pitch in and help.


COVID-19 Home Testing Kits Will Be Launching In The UK Soon
There is a quite a lot of concern right now regarding the COVID-19 virus that is spreading throughout the world. The problem with this particular disease, unlike the flu, is that some carriers of the virus might be asymptomatic, meaning that they might have the virus but not display any signs.

Apple To Donate 9 Million Face Masks To Healthcare Facilities
With the world in dire need for certain medical supplies such as face masks, tech companies are starting to step up to the plate and do the right thing. Apple, for example, was recently announced to be donating as many as 9 million face masks to healthcare facilities around the US.

Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be Arriving This Fall For Healthcare Workers
Currently, there is no known cure for the coronavirus. There is also no vaccine either, or at least one that has been approved for public use. However, the good news on that front is that according to Moderna’s CEO, it seems that the company is optimistic that they’ll be able to deliver a vaccine as early as this fall.

The Coronavirus Might Be Capable Of Surviving On Surfaces Longer Than We Thought
With the spread of the coronavirus, there are some concerns that some are having regarding the lifespan of the virus on surfaces. This is because who’s to say that the package you ordered online won’t have the virus on the surface of the package? Or what about the containers that your takeaway meals are stored in?

Loss Of Sense Of Smell And Taste Could Be A Symptom Of COVID-19
Some of the symptoms that might indicate a person has contracted the COVID-19 virus is a fever, a persistent dry cough, and shortness of breath. Those aren’t particularly specific and could also be potentially related to other illnesses. This means that sometimes when a patient comes in with a fever, it can be difficult to determine if doctors should use a COVID-19 test kit on them.

This Smart Ring Is Being Used To Detect Early Signs of COVID-19
The problem with the COVID-19 virus is that the virus can incubate within the person’s body for as long as a couple of weeks, meaning that there could be many infected out there who aren’t exhibiting any signs until it is too late and they might have infected many others in between. However, a smart ring by the name of Oura could help with that problem.

This Hand Sanitizer Is Made From Captured Carbon Dioxide
One of the ways factories have a negative impact on the environment is by producing excessive carbon dioxide. However, it seems that at least one company is taking advantage of that excessive emission and turning it into something good. Known as Air Co., the company is using captured CO2 emissions from nearby factories and using it to help make hand sanitizers.

Malaysian 3D Printers Are Creating Face Shields For Medical Frontliners
As doctors and healthcare workers are putting themselves in the frontlines in this war against the coronavirus, it means that keeping them safe and healthy makes sense. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of cases around the world, doctors and hospitals are being overwhelmed and are running out of essential supplies.

Siri Can Now Help Users Who Are Wondering If They Have COVID-19
Siri can do a lot of things for users, such as checking the weather, traffic, searching for things on the internet, control smart home devices, and so on. Now it looks like Apple has updated Siri where it can now ask users a series of questions to help them determine whether or not they have the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Japan Has Developed A 10-Minute Coronavirus Testing Kit
One of the problems with testing for illnesses is the waiting period. This can be nerve-wrecking because the uncertainty can cause a lot of undue stress in people. Given the current coronavirus outbreak plaguing the world, we’re sure that there are many people out there who are understandably worried.