Neural Implants Will Possibly Make Us Telepathic

We already have some neural interfaces that help connect the brain to a computer using Artifical Intelligence. Even though that is beneficial in the medical sector only, a new report by The Royal Society says that the brain implants might enable us to read other people’s thoughts.

New Prosthetic Will Amputees ‘Feel’ Their Foot And Knee

The idea behind prosthetics is that they let amputees live their lives more normally. For example, an amputee without a leg might find it hard to walk, but giving them a prosthetic will make their lives a bit easier. However, the downside to prosthetics is that it will never, ever feel like a real limb.

Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band for Better Sleep

We were invited to IFA GPC in late April, a media event that showcased sneak peeks of the upcoming innovations presented now at the IFA 2019 conference in Berlin.

Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Grow A Tooth’s Enamel

There is a reason why we have been told to avoid eating certain types of food and drinking certain types of drinks, like soft drinks. This is because there are types of food and drink that can erode the enamel on our teeth. This in turn can cause more complicated tooth problems due to the fact that enamel cannot self-repair or grow back.


Researchers Create A Thread-Like Robot That Can Traverse Through Blood Vessels

The problem with open brain surgery are the risks involved in cutting someone’s head open and leaving the brain exposed. However, it is sometimes necessary to deal with certain health issues. However, over at MIT, engineers have managed to create a thread-like robot that is apparently thin enough where it could traverse through the patient’s blood vessels.

CDC Identifies A Death That Could Be Linked To Vaping

The concept of vaping and e-cigarettes are designed to help people ease of regular cigarettes. However, given that they’re still considered to be relatively new, not much is known about the chemicals used in vape juices and what kind of health complications they might cause in the long-term.

This Wristband Might Be Able To Predict Outbursts In People With Autism

People with autism do not operate on the same levels that the rest of us do, and as such, their behavior can sometimes be unpredictable where they can be prone to sudden aggressive outbursts. All of this is manageable, of course, but wouldn’t it be better to know if a person with autism was on the verge of such an outburst?

DeepMind AI Will Be Able To Predict Acute Kidney Injuries 48 Hours Before It Happens

Thanks to computers being able to do thousands of calculations and processes in a short amount of time, it has made our lives a lot more efficient. This is especially true in the medical sector, where thanks to the use of AI, we have seen how it could potentially save lives as it can pick up on diseases and illness before a regular human doctor can.

Scientists Have Managed To Decode Our Brain Signals Into Written Text

There are many secrets of the brain that we have yet to unlock and we imagine that we’ve probably only scratched the surface, although we are making good progress where thanks to the technology, we’re seeing more brain-controlled devices. However, it seems that in the future, we may no longer need to type out our sentences and we only need to think them.

These Tattoos Change Colors When Reacting With Glucose Levels

The thing with diabetics is that they need to constantly be aware of their glucose levels to ensure that it doesn’t get too high. This means that throughout the day, they might need to take blood tests which can be rather invasive and troublesome, but it seems that over in Germany, scientists might have found an alternative in the form of tattoos.

Researchers Create A Bandage That Heals Woulds Better Than The Average Plaster

One of the reasons a bandage or a plaster is placed over a wound is to help close it and prevent outside elements getting into an open wound, thus preventing infections and unnecessary complications. However, it seems a team of researchers from Harvard’s Wyss Institute, Harvard’s John A. Paulson School for Engineering and Applied Sciences, and McGill University have created a new type of bandage that can actually speed up […]

Elon Musk Wants To Put Computers In Our Brains

One of the challenges to people who are fully paralyzed is their ability to move around. While there have been efforts at creating devices that can be controlled using our brains, Elon Musk’s Neuralink company is hoping to take things one step further by actually implanting computers into our brains.

HIV Vaccine To Begin International Testing

We imagine that there will come a time in the future when scientists and researchers finally discover the cure for HIV. So far there have been some promising findings, and now it looks like researchers at Johnson & Johnson are ready to test out what they think could potentially be a vaccine for the disease.

Alexa Will Now Be Able To Dispense Medical Advice From The NHS

If you’ve ever wanted to look up a medical symptom or a cure online, it’s quite easy as all you’d need to search online and you’d have your answer. However, if you’re too lazy to search, you might be interested to learn that Amazon and the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK are teaming up.