Researchers Develop A ‘Stealth’ Virus That Could Fight Metastatic Cancer
Right now one of the ways to cure cancer would be to try and blast the cancer cells with “poison” through chemotherapy. The downside to this method is that healthy cells are destroyed in the process, which is why chemotherapy usually comes with rather adverse side-effects, especially if the cancer has spread throughout the body.

Several Major Airlines Will Accept Digital Health Passes To Prove COVID-19 Free Status
The idea of storing your health data on your smartphone might seem a little dangerous, especially if that information is leaked, but it seems that the concept might now be put to the test because starting in December, several major airlines have announced that they will start to accept digital health passes to allow passengers to prove that they are COVID-19 free.

Researchers Develop Drug To Help The Healing Process By Mimicking Inflammation
If you’ve ever wondered why during an injury, certain parts of our bodies become inflamed, it is because this is our body’s natural response. The idea is that the swelling helps increase blood flow to an area to help with the healing process, and this is a concept that researchers have worked on to create a drug that can help improve the healing process.

FDA Clears Use Of Lab-Made Antibodies For COVID-19 Treatment
Right now vaccines for the coronavirus are still being developed and it could only be in 2021 where we’ll be able to get our hands on them. This means that for now, patients who have COVID-19 will need to be treated as the symptoms come up, but the FDA is trying to make that process easier.


Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine Gives Us Hope That Life Could Return To Normal
It’s hard to say when life will return to normal as the coronavirus pandemic is still going on. Right now, countries can only manage cases as they pop up and to try and reduce the spread as much as possible, but those are just temporary measures, at least until a vaccine has arrived and we immunize ourselves to it.

This Device Sobers You By Making You Exhale Alcohol
A lot of us probably know when we’ve had too much to drink and can probably draw the line as to when to stop, but there are times when we’re having too much fun to the point where we might pass out from drinking too much, or worse, drink too much to the point where we get alcohol poisoning.

Researchers Develop Drug Cocktail That Might Work Against More Aggressive Forms Of Cancer
When it comes to treating cancer, there are several ways to go about it, such as chemotherapy where the body is basically blasted with poison in an attempt to kill off cancerous cells. The downside is that there is a lot of collateral damage as a result. The next alternative is immunotherapy, where the patient’s immune system gets a boost to try and fight off the cancerous cells.

A COVID-19 Vaccine Has Been Found To Be 90% Effective
Right now, there are multiple companies developing a vaccine for COVID-19 with presumably their own formulas. None of them have hit the market just yet, but the good news is that according to Pfizer/BioNTech, one of the companies developing the vaccine, is that their particular vaccine is said to be 90% effective.

Researchers Develop Nasal Spray That Could Prevent COVID-19 Infections
Many are waiting for the day that our lives can return to normal, but that will have to wait until the coronavirus pandemic has been dealt with. Ideally, a vaccine would be the best-case scenario where we immunize ourselves to the virus, but it has been suggested that even then, vaccines won’t be a permanent solution.

This App Detects COVID-19 By Analyzing The Person’s Cough
There are several ways that COVID-19 can be detected. The usual methods come in the form of medical tests involving swaps, but there are also less invasive methods that one can apply from the comfort of their own home, such as this app developed by researchers at MIT which attempts to analyze the sound of a person’s cough to determine if the person has COVID-19.

New Study Finds That COVID-19 Antibody Immunity Might Wane Over Time
There are certain diseases that you can get a vaccine for and more or less be guaranteed protection against it for the rest of your life, or at least for a very substantial period of time. However, there are also illnesses like the flu whose virus mutates every so often that even getting a vaccine will only protect you for about a year before it’s useless against the latest mutation […]

Oxford’s COVID-19 Vaccine Creates Immune Response In The Young And Old
Life as we know it will probably never really return to normal until a successful treatment plan or cure for the coronavirus can be found. Even better would be the development of a vaccine that will protect people from even getting sick from it in the first place, and there is some good news on that front.

Facebook Wants To Use AI To Help Forecast Spread Of The Coronavirus
Unless continuous testing of people is being done, it’s hard to predict where a COVID-19 cluster can popup. This is because of the virus’ incubation time which is said to be around 14 days, meaning that anyone could be walking around for two weeks while being infected without necessarily knowing about it.

A 14-Year Old Girl’s Discovery Could Lead To A Cure For The Coronavirus
Right now the race is on to find a cure or a vaccine for the coronavirus which is currently ravaging the world. However, it seems that help has come in the form of a discovery made by a 14-year old girl from Frisco, Texas by the name of Anika Chebrolu, whose discovery has won her the 2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge and netting her $25,000 in prize money.