Eye Implant Uses Magnets To Better Manage Glaucoma

Glaucoma is not a new disease and there have been various ways developed over the years to treat the problem. Eye implants is one of those treatment methods, where the idea behind these implants is to help drain the fluid from the eye to help lessen the pressure of fluid being built up which can cause problems such as headaches and potentially vision loss.

Researchers Develop Microneedles That Dissolve In Your Eye

When it comes to treatment for certain eye conditions, sometimes eye drops are prescribed. However sometimes eye drops aren’t the most effective way of dispensing medication, although the alternative are injections which let’s face it, seeing a needle come towards your eye is probably not the most pleasant thing that you can look forward to.

AR ‘Flight Simulator For Surgeons’ Makes Training More Accessible

Thanks to technology, long gone are the days where in order to train your staff, you’d sit them down in lectures and make them watch training videos. We’ve seen how companies such as Walmart are using virtual reality to train their employees, while other companies such as Google think that using augmented reality (AR) is another way to go.

Researchers Train AI To Spot Alzheimer’s In Patients

A lot of medical conditions typically have symptoms leading up to the actual disease, and because of this, sometimes patterns are useful at identifying a potentially more serious issue at hand. This is what researchers have been trying to do when they trained an AI to help diagnose Alzheimer’s years before a doctor would have.


Spinal Implant Enables Paralyzed Man To Walk Again

Spinal cord injuries can be very dangerous as they can often leave the patient confined to a wheelchair. However, a revolutionary new spinal implant has enabled a wheelchair-bound man with a spinal cord injury to walk again. Two other men who received the implants were able to regain control of their leg muscles after electrical stimulators were implanted.

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature Can Be Used Outside Of The US

When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4, one of the features of the smartwatch is the built-in ECG monitoring tool. However Apple did note that the feature will not be available at launch and will arrive at a later date. It was also mentioned that it will be limited to the US, presumably due to regulatory clearances required for different regions and markets.

MIT’s AI Accurately Identifies Breast Cancer Like A Radiologist Would

Artificial intelligence has shown to be of great use in medical applications and Massachusetts Institute of Technology is giving us yet another example of that. It has developed an automated model with the Massachusetts General Hospital that can identify breast cancer as accurately as a radiologist would.

Apple Watch To Be Used To Study Patients With Knee & Hip Replacements

Apple had previously conducted a clinical study with the Apple Watch on how it might be able to better detect and analyze the wearer’s heart rate. We had also heard that they are planning on donating Apple Watches to a study on binge eating, and it looks like Apple is nowhere close to slowing down.

Apple To Donate Apple Watches For Binge Eating Study

We know that Apple had previously used the Apple Watch in a study with Stanford to determine if the device was good enough to track your heart rate and rhythm. It seems that the study helped them come up with new features for the Apple Watch and improve on existing ones. Now it seems that the company could be interested in tackling another health aspect: binge eating.

Google Claims Its AI Has 99% Accuracy In Detecting Metastatic Breast Cancer

One of the key to beating certain diseases and illnesses is by detecting it early. This allows for treatment to begin earlier and also prevents the disease from either spreading or becoming worse. Cancer is one of those instances where early detection can lead to a higher survival rate, and science and technology have helped play a big role in that.

Paramedic Thinks The Apple Watch Series 4 Can Save Lives

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 4 not too long ago and the device comes with several new capabilities, such as fall detection and a built-in ECG monitoring tool. Now in the past we have heard stories of how the Apple Watch has saved many lives by alerting the wearer to abnormal heart rates, but it seems that the Series 4 could be even better at doing so.

Apple Watch ECG Feature For The UK Might Not Be Approved For Years

The key feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 is the built-in ECG feature. While Apple warned that it should not be used as a replacement for professional grade medical equipment, the fact that you can walk around with an ECG strapped to your wrist does help users better track their health.

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature Was Almost Not Announced

One of the key features of the new Apple Watch Series 4 is the built-in ECG monitoring tool. According to Apple’s announcement, they claim that they were given a De Novo classification by the FDA for the feature, which allowed them to announce it at the event. However it seems that they almost couldn’t.

Riding On Some Roller-Coasters Good For Removing Kidney Stones

Riding on roller-coasters can be fun and according to some U.S. researchers, also an effective way of getting rid of kidney stones. The conclusion of this research has won the team of researchers the Ig Nobel Prize for Medicine. That’s not a real award, though, the Ig Nobels are actually spoof prizes that are published in the Annals of Improbable Research. The research is completely real, though.