Judging by what environmentalists say, global warming is an issue not to be scoffed at – and the low-lying areas of different countries could just end up flooded for good. Well, going green is definitely one lifestyle we should all adopt, including growing our own vegetables (or at least, reducing the consumption of meat). Daiwa House of Japan has come up with the Agri-Cube, a portable vegetable factory that is said to offer the opportunity to grow around 10,000 heads of lettuce each year. Being able to roll out consistent harvests is essential to maintain a steady produce price, and the Agri-Cube would come in handy, offering a place to grow lettuce (or up to 23 different kinds of edible plants) in a 30 cubic-meter box. This is made possible thanks to hydroponic equipment and fertilizers which ought to provide a safe place for your vegetables to grow. It would come in handy to create mini food sources in localized areas, and perhaps slapping on some solar panels onto the Agri-Cube might even help it be self-sufficient.

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