This Hand Sanitizer Is Made From Captured Carbon Dioxide
One of the ways factories have a negative impact on the environment is by producing excessive carbon dioxide. However, it seems that at least one company is taking advantage of that excessive emission and turning it into something good. Known as Air Co., the company is using captured CO2 emissions from nearby factories and using it to help make hand sanitizers.

Air Pollution In China Has Decreased Drastically Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
The coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing despite our best attempts to contain it. As a result, many places have been locked down and people have been sent home in quarantine. Photos out of China have depicted Wuhan, which is the epicenter for the virus, as a ghost town as many business have shut down and residents sent home.

Cactus ‘Leather’ Could Save The Lives Of Billions Of Animals
Leather is typically viewed as a “premium” material where we usually see it used in high-end fashion like wallets and handbags. It has also been used to make accessories for phones, cars, and so on. However, while it does have a nice feel to it, the dark side to leather is that it typically involves the killing and skinning of animals.

This Technology Creates Electricity From Moisture In The Air
We’ve known for a fact that harvesting energy from the environment facilitates in making self-sustained systems.And, that’s what the research paper published in Nature Journal for a new green technology thinks for the process of creating electricity from the moisture in the air.Yes, you read that correctly. A technology that will help you generate power from out of thin air.As the journal explains – “thin-film devices made from nanometre-scale protein […]


Rain Could Be The Next Source Of Renewable Energy
One day, fossil fuels will eventually run out and this is why many are looking into alternative and renewable sources of energy. This includes solar, which is from the sun, wind energy, and hydro which generally relies on dams. However, it seems that researchers have found that maybe rain could be another potential form of renewable energy that we could look at.

This $1 Billion Initiative Wants To Bring EV Chargers To Highways, Rural Areas
As electric cars become more common, there will also become a growing need for more EV chargers. Unfortunately, as it stands, EV chargers simply aren’t quite as common or ubiquitous compared to gas stations, but there has been work by companies to try and get more of them out there.

‘Anti-Solar’ Panels Can Generate Electricity Even At Night
Solar panels generate electricity during the day by absorbing energy from the sun. However when the day turns to night, they become quite useless. However, thanks to the work of Jeremy Munday, a professor in electrical and computer engineering over at the University of California – Davis, he might have found a way to make solar panels just as useful even in the dark.

Subaru Will Make The Shift To 100% Electric Cars By Mid 2030s
A lot of carmakers these days are creating electric cars or hybrids at the very least. This is because as the world starts to run out of fossil fuels, creating cars that don’t require them makes a lot of sense. In fact, Japanese carmaker Subaru has announced that by the mid 2030s, they plan to sell only electric cars.

UK Launches Open Trial For Wireless Charging For Electric Taxis
One of the bottlenecks of electric cars is the need to recharge them. Unlike pumping gas, recharging an electric car takes considerably longer. While this might not be a big deal for regular drivers, it might prove a problem for taxis where anytime they are not fetching passengers, it is income lost.

Wello Family, Smart E-Cargo Bike with Solar-powered AssistanceEditor's Pick
Wello solar smart cargo e-bike (e-cargo bike) with a maximum speed of 25 mph (40 km/h), 60km range on one charge, up to 100 km range with solar and connected with an app.

Microsoft’s Next Surface Pro Could Be Powered By Solar Energy
Solar energy is a great idea as it means that we don’t need to draw from our finite resources. However, apart from it being used to power homes and offices, we haven’t really seen it make its way into consumer electronics, at least not in a very big way, but Microsoft could be looking to change that.

MyFood Family, Solar-powered Aquaponic Smart GreenhouseEditor's Pick
The MyFood Family Smart Greenhouse got a lot of traction at CES 2020, so much that the unit exhibited at the FrenchTech pavilion was sold during the show! Given that the price tag for such a large model (Family model, 22 m² / 242 ft²) varies between 8,600 to 22,000 euros (VAT incl.), that sale was a great validation of the product and the technology powering it.Mickaël Gandecki, co-founder, CTO […]

This Is Toyota’s Vision For A City Of The Future
It’s hard to imagine what the world will look like in the future, but that isn’t going to stop Toyota from trying. At CES 2020, the company has announced their plans to build what they are calling a prototype city of the future, which will be located at the base of the very iconic Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Bob, World’s Smallest, Lightest & Fastest Dishwasher Made of Recyclable Materials
Daan Tech is back at CES with Bob, a tiny eco-friendly dishwasher targeted at people living in small apartments, in RVs or using boats where space is scarce, and water needs to be saved. According to Damian Py, President and CEO, Daan Tech, Bob is the “world’s smallest, lightest & fastest dishwasher entirely made of recyclable materials”.   The 2 place setting dishwasher fits on the side of a sink, cleans […]