Matrix’s Latest Smartwatch Will Run On Solar Power

One of the main reasons behind the resistance of adopting a smartwatch can probably be attributed to battery. After all a regular watch doesn’t require daily or weekly charging, plus there’s also no worries about your watch dying on you mid-day and leaving you with a gadget that can’t even tell the time.

Porsche & BMW Unveil EV Charger That Adds 100 KM In 3 Minutes

It used to be that one of the downsides to owning an electric car is that it requires the use of a special charger. This is versus regular cars that can be refueled at gas stations that can be found easily. Electric cars also used to take a long time to charge, which once again made it feel like a disadvantage compared to regular cars where refueling only takes minutes.

California Approves Building Code To Make Solar Panels Mandatory

It was only a matter of time before this happened and now it’s official. Most new homes in California will now be required to have solar panels on their rooftops. This is the first building code of its kind that was approved by the Building Standards Commission this week. There are some exceptions, though, but the code will apply to most new homes in the state.

Demand For Gas-Based Cars Are Said To Be On The Decline

Electric cars are believed to be part of our future, at least if we want to live in a greener society. However the question is, is there a demand for them? As it turns out there is, at least according to the International Energy Agency who has recently published its World Energy Outlook (via Bloomberg).


Spain Wants To Ban Gas & Diesel Car Sales In 2040

These days we’re starting to see more car makers make the shift towards production of electric and hybrid cars in a bid to reduce the amount of gas we consume. While having a wider variety to choose from definitely helps with adoption, the fact that gas and diesel powered cars are still available means that some customers will continue to choose such cars over greener models.

This Maker Kit Turns Trash Into Toys For Kids

It is tempting to buy your kids new toys, and given that we were all kids at some point in time, we all know the joy that comes from opening a brand new toy. However toys can be wasteful since many of us outgrow them, plus there are also the materials involved in making them that needs to be considered.

Heat Rejecting Film Could Reduce Our Need For Air-Conditioning

During the summer, it can get pretty hot to the point where using a fan simply might not be enough to keep cool, and this is where air-conditioning comes in. Unfortunately using air-conditioning requires a lot of energy which can run you up a huge bill, and it is also not particularly good for the environment.

Pizza Hut & Toyota Unveil Concept Hydrogen Truck With A Robot Kitchen

Food delivery services have always been pretty popular, and this is made even more so these days thanks to technology where there are apps that let us order food. However the more food deliveries we request, the more transportation is involved, in which turn is probably not too good for the environment.

Skywater Machines Can Pull Fresh Drinking Water From The Air

A California-based team has designed the Skywater machines that are capable of pulling fresh drinking water straight out of the air. The machines can produce up to 300 gallons of potable water in some cases. The Skysource/Skywater Alliance is a team of sustainability experts from Venice, California and they have now won a $1.5 million prize for these machines.

Puerto Rico Mulls Shift To 100% Renewable Energy After Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria caused a lot of damage in Puerto Rico. It left the island’s power grid decimated and thus caused the longest blackout in the country’s history. Many parts of the island were without power for almost a year. There’s an inclination now towards adopting more resilient and sustainable ways of powering Puerto Rico. Lawmakers are considering a shift to 100 percent renewable energy for the island.

Future Electric Cars Could Store Energy In Carbon Fiber Bodies

At the moment electric cars store their energy in their batteries. The problem with these batteries is that they need to be big enough to sustain the car traveling for hundreds of miles, and in turn they also pose some potential risks such as exploding. They can also be very expensive to replace.

Google Adds EV Charging Station Info To Google Maps

Searching and locating a gas station on Google Maps is pretty easy. However as we’re seeing more car owners make the shift towards electric or plug-in hybrids, it means that instead of searching for gas stations, these drivers are now searching for EV charging stations instead, which at the moment aren’t quite as ubiquitous just yet.

Sucking CO2 Out Of The Sky Might Not Be As Expensive As We Thought

While carbon dioxide (CO2) is a naturally occuring gas (we expel CO2 when we breathe out) and is used by plants during the photosynthesis process, just like all things in life, too much of something is usually bad, and the excess of CO2 has resulted in climate change, and not necessarily for the better.

Virgin To Use Sustainable Jet Fuel On Commercial Flight Next Month

Virgin Atlantic has been focusing on reducing CO2 emissions like many other airlines. That’s one of the reasons why the company has heavily invested in its new A350-1000 aircraft. It has also been working on low carbon fuel solutions in a partnership with LanzaTech that’s going to enable Virgin to take a major step forward. The airline has confirmed that it will use sustainable jet fuel in a commercial flight […]