UPS To Develop Medium-Duty Electric Delivery Trucks

We know that UPS has been looking to convert its delivery trucks to electric. However the “problem” is that so far UPS has only focused on its larger delivery trucks and also its smaller delivery trucks which are usually used for the last mile. So what about those that are in between?

Honda’s SmartCharge Program Will Pay You To Charge Your Car

Electric cars are meant to be a greener alternative to fuel-powered cars. However given that electric cars still require electricity to charge, it can mean drawing from the power grid which in some cases aren’t necessarily green sources themselves. This is a balance that needs to be struck and one that Honda thinks they might have the answer to.

Harley-Davidson’s Electric Motorcycle Will Debut In 2019

For the most part when you think about powerful vehicles like supercars and superbikes, you wouldn’t necessarily consider them to be fuel efficient. After all the focus on these vehicles would be their raw power, which would no doubt take a lot of fuel to power to begin with. However over the years we’ve started seeing some of these companies create more “green” alternatives.

Chilean Firm Develops Non-Plastic Bags That Dissolve In Water

A lot still needs to be done to counter plastic pollution. Plastic products continue to pollute seas and rivers across the globe. A Chilean firm seems to have come up with an alternative to this pressing issue. It has invented a non-plastic bag which is free of oil derivatives which makes it capable of dissolving in water.


World’s Largest Vertical Farm Being Built In Dubai

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai, in particular, seems to be obsessed with making the largest and tallest of structures but its latest undertaking has more to do with their future than it is with bragging rights. The world’s largest vertical farm is going to be built in Dubai. Since water scarcity is a major issue in the UAE, it’s imperative to use high-tech, low-water agriculture methods for farming.

Nestle Fires Up Nine Turbine Wind Farm To Meet Renewable Energy Goal

Nestle is one of the many major corporations who have committed to using renewable energy to power a big chunk if not the entirety of their operations. To that end, Nestle today announced the opening of a nine turbine wind farm which can produce enough renewable energy to power half of the company’s factories in the United Kingdom and Ireland in addition to its offices and warehouses.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Will Be Fully Powered By Renewable Energy

It was announced earlier this month that Japan is going to launch a self-driving car service in Tokyo in time for the 2020 Olympics. The Olympic and Paralympic games will obviously be a major event for the country and it’s aiming to leverage the opportunity to make a positive impact on the way these games are conducted. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic organizing committee is working hard to ensure […]

Samsung Commits To Using 100 Percent Renewable Energy In Two Years

Samsung joins the list of major tech companies who have made a commitment to use 100 percent renewable energy. Some are well on their way to achieving their aim and Samsung has now said that it’s aiming to use 100 percent renewable energy at its office buildings, factories, and operational facilities in the United States, China, and Europe by 2020.

Solar-Powered iPhone X Case Will Cost $4,500

Smartphone cases are sometimes seen as a necessary evil of sorts. There are some who argue that with the amount of work designers put into designing a phone, covering it up with a case seems counterintuitive. However ironically enough the design of smartphones these days has resulted in them being more fragile compared to our feature phones, which results in the need for cases.

Nissan Launches A Solar Energy Package Of Its Own

Nissan has been a player in the electric car market for a long time and now after launching its revamped Leaf electric car, the company has decided to offer an all-in-one solar energy storage solution much like the one Tesla offers in the United States. The solution will be backed by Nissan’s xStorage home battery as part of the Nissan Energy Solar home energy scheme.

Apple Might Have Found A Greener Way To Produce Aluminum

Apple uses a lot of aluminum in their products, such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and so on. Unfortunately conventional methods of producing aluminum results in the emission of greenhouse gases. However it seems that Apple might have found a greener way to go about it where the end result releases oxygen versus greenhouse gases.

California Becomes First State To Mandate Solar Panels For New Homes

California has taken a major step to push its residents to adopt solar energy. The state has approved a plan that mandates solar panels on new homes and apartment buildings that are built after January 1st, 2020. It has now become the first state in the country to mandate solar panels on homes. The plan to do this has been unanimously approved by the California Energy Commission. This is in […]

Volvo Aiming For Half Their Sales To Be Electric By 2025

At the rate things are going, carmakers are definitely starting to look towards a future where cars will no longer have to rely on fossil fuels to be powered, and will instead rely on clean energy like electricity (hydrogen-powered cars are also a possibility). However when will such a future arrive where electric cars might overtake regular cars?

Target To Install More EV Chargers Across Its Stores

Compared to back in the day, finding an EV charger these days is considerably easier. Granted it’s probably still not quite as ubiquitous compared to gas stations, but we’re getting there. In fact if you’re the owner of an electric vehicle, you might be interested to learn that Target has announced that they will be expanding the number of EV chargers across their stores.