This Solar Powered Device Can Turn Salt Water Into Fresh Drinking Water

Despite the majority of the Earth’s surface being covered by water, it does not mean that all of it is drinkable. Sea water is actually a perfect example of how not all water can be drank, but with all that water out there, shouldn’t we try to take advantage of it as much as possible? That’s what the folks at GivePower are hoping to do with their solar-powered desalination plant.

EIB May Cut Funding For All Fossil Fuel Projects By Next Year

The European Investment Bank is planning to completely end its multibillion euro financing for fossil fuel projects by the end of next year. This will be done to align its financing strategy with climate targets that the EU as a whole is pursuing. Plans have been drafted by the EU’s lending arm which proposes cutting support for energy projects which rely on fossil fuels. It has a history of funding […]

These Are The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals Made From Recycled Electronics

We use metals in a lot of things, such as the medals given out to athlete at sporting events. However, huge and major events like the Olympics also means that a lot of metal will be required to make the variety of medals handed out to the winners at the games, but as you might have heard, the 2020 games at Toyko, Japan will be making a change.

This Company Claims To Be Able To Create Food Out Of Thin Air

A lot of the production of our food involves the emission of CO2 gases and that in turn can create a problem for the long-term. This is why there are many who are advocating that we cut back on our consumption of meat, and that is also why companies such Impossible Foods are seeing a lot of interest, thanks to their “meat” that can replicate the look and taste of […]


Lotus’ Electric Hypercar Can Fully Charge Up In 9 Minutes

How long does it take for you to fully refuel a car? Probably a couple of minutes at most. However, the same cannot be said with electric cars where even with today’s charging technology, it will take considerably longer compared to refueling a car, but Lotus is hoping to change that.

Scotland’s Wind Turbines Have Generated Enough Energy To Power Homes Twice Over

The resources in our world are not infinite and as such, there will come a day when we run out of some of them, especially if we insist on using resources such as coal to power our power plants. This is why many are starting to look at more sustainable solutions, such as solar, hydro, or wind.

Apple Exploring The Idea Of Wirelessly Charging Electric Cars

At the moment, the way electric cars are charged is by plugging it into a charger, much like our phones, tablets, and so on. This isn’t really an issue, but the problem is that we imagine that over time as more electric cars populate the market, it means that these charging stations could get quite busy.

Harley-Davidson Offer Free Charging For Its Electric Motorcycle

As some of you know, Harley-Davidson has created its own electric motorcycle in the form of the LiveWire. As with electric vehicles, the LiveWire will require charging to keep it juiced up, but the good news is that if you’re the owner of a LiveWire or plan on buying one, you’ll be pleased to learn that Harley-Davidson has announced that these bikes will be eligible for free charging.

France To Apply ‘Ecotax’ To Almost All Air Travel

The French government announced today that it plans to impose an “ecotax” on almost all air travel starting next year. The new tax is going to bring in around $200 million for the government which could be used for propping up modes of transportation with a lower carbon footprint such as trains.

Toyota Testing An Electric Car With A Solar Roof That Can Charge Itself

The problem with electric cars is that they usually take a while to charge. Even fast charging still cannot compare to the speed it takes to refill a car with gas. We imagine that eventually there could be a point in time when we get used to charging times or when charging times drop, but until then, it seems that Toyota is exploring a new electric car concept.

Rising CO2 Emissions Will Increase Global Temperatures By Over 1.5˚C

The Paris Agreement had proposed a goal limit of 1.5˚C for global temperature increase. However, even if humanity does the impossible and builds no additional factories, vehicles, power plants, and appliances anymore, the current CO2 emissions are on track to increase the global temperatures by more than 1.5˚C, thereby going beyond the limit set.

Electric Cars In The EU Now Required To Emit Noise For Safety

Regular cars can get pretty noisy due to its engine. This is one of the advantages that electric cars have over regular cars, but at the same time, it can be dangerous. This is because regular cars can be loud enough where pedestrians will know when a car is near or behind them, but this isn’t the same for electric cars.

Pepsi To Reduce Plastic Use By Replacing Aquafina Bottles With Cans

Pepsi is making a big play to reduce its plastic usage as companies across the globe face growing backlash from consumers for their heavy reliance on single-use plastics. The company has now announced that it’s going to replace plastic bottles for its Aquafina water brand. The water will be offered in aluminum cans instead initially in food service outlets in the country while the company will test this move in […]

Faster Delivery Might Be Making It Worse For Our Environment

Fast delivery is all the rage these days, with companies such as Amazon offering deliveries that can be made in the next day or two. This is great because one of the downsides to shopping online is the wait time involved, where in the past customers would wait a week or maybe even two before their products arrived.