Researchers Invent A Recycling Robot That Sorts Waste By ‘Touch’

If you’ve ever lived or been to Japan, then you might be aware of how particular the country’s recycling system is, but for the most part, people who are born and raised there or who have lived there long enough are familiar with the system and it is more or less second nature. For those who don’t come from countries that enforce recycling, getting into the habit can be confusing.

Our Digital Music Might Not Be So Environmentally-Friendly After All

Digital music seems like a much more green answer compared to listening to music through physical mediums, like vinyl, CDs, and so on. However, as it turns out, digital music might not be as green as we had hoped for. This is according to a study by researchers at the University of Glasgow and the University of Oslo.

Tesla Could Upgrade Older Model S And X With Longer Range Motors

One of the problems that electric car owners typically face is range, where unlike gas or diesel cars, it’s harder to find a place to recharge your car compared to fueling it up. This has changed over the years where we’re seeing more charging stations, but they are nowhere as ubiquitous as a gas station.

Researchers Figure Out A Way To Store Excess Renewable Energy

In terms of renewable energy, we have definitely come a long way. However, the problem is that sometimes we generate more than we need and we don’t always have a way to store the excess energy. This means that there will be moments when we have too much, and times when we don’t have enough and can’t access this excess energy.


Norway Working On Wireless Charging System For Its Electric Taxis

At the moment electric cars still need to be plugged in when charging. The problem with this solution is that it can be slow and due to the limited nature of these plugs, it also means that other cars might have to wait longer than you might wait for a car to get refueled using more traditional methods.

Researchers Think They Can Turn Seawater Into Hydrogen Fuel

When it comes to sustainable sources of energy, hydropower is one of the ways that harnesses nature to help generate clean and sustainable sources of energy. We have also seen how some scientists in the past have explored the idea of using seawater to generate hydroelectricity.

Tesla Model Y Crossover Officially Announced

Tesla has been dabbling in quite a few different car models, but in case the Model 3 sedan wasn’t really your style, then you might be pleased to learn that Tesla has since taken the wraps off its latest car model: the Model Y. The Model Y is a crossover car and the company has been steadily teasing its unveiling for the past few years.

Elon Musk Expects A Cheaper Tesla In The Next Few Years

While we’re sure that there are probably a few out there who would be more than happy to adopt an electric car, the costs of such vehicles tends to be on the pricier side. Tesla’s cars are a perfect example, although the company has been trying to find ways of reducing the price through more affordable models like the $35,000 Model 3.

Nissan Will Reuse EV Batteries To Power Camping Trailers

The problem with a lot of our modern technology is that they use materials that are rare or hard to dispose of. The irony is that some of these components are finding their way into products designed to promote greener living, such as electric cars. However, Nissan thinks that they might have the answer to that problem.

IKEA’s Remote Controlled Boats Will Help Keep Rivers Clean

Ideally, we should all be doing our part to keep our earth clean by not disposing of trash in places they do not belong, like in the river. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that not everyone feels that way, which is why more often than not, we find trash floating about in rivers which is not only unsightly but bad for the fishes and other creatures living in it.

China To Launch A Solar Farm In Space By 2025

China has major space ambitions which have seen the country ramp up its space program in recent years. It has made it to the far side of the moon and laid claim to growing the first plants on the lunar surface, even though they didn’t last for very long. The country is now looking to put up a solar farm in space by 2025.

Genny Is A Device That Turns Air Into Water

Most of take our water for granted, where when we turn on the taps, clean and drinkable water (in some countries) is readily available without us having to give it too much thought. Unfortunately that is not the situation in many parts of the world where clean and drinkable water can be found, but a company by the name of Watergen is hoping to solve that.

Unilever, Pepsi, And Nestle Testing Reusable Packaging Delivery Service

Many of the products sold by companies such as Unilever, P&G, Nestle, and Pepsi come in single-use packaging. You take the product out of the package and then chuck it out when it no longer serves a purpose. The companies are now willing to do things differently as part of a test. They have teamed up with a service called Loop to deliver products in reusable packaging to customers.

Samsung To Replace Plastic Packaging With Sustainable Materials

A lot of companies are focusing on sustainability these days. For example Apple has been trying to make all of its operations as green as possible, whether it be how they power their offices, to the materials they use for their products, and also to the packaging that they use for their products, like the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and so on.