These 3D Printed Beehives Could Help Save The Species
We usually associate bees with being the producers of honey, but did you know that bees are quite important to our ecosystem? This is because in addition to producing honey, bees also help to transfer pollen from one flowering plant to another, thus helping to maintain the cycle of life.

Volvo To Go Fully Electric By 2030
A lot of carmakers have pledged their plans to transition from fuel powered cars to electric cars, but their end date is set quite a distance in the future. However, it seems that Volvo could be beating a lot of them to the punch as the company has announced their plans to transition by 2030.

Researchers Create A Paste That Could One Day Fuel Our Automobiles
Right now many are looking at creating a future in which fossil fuels will no longer be used to power our automobiles. The direction that we’re heading towards comes in the form of electric cars that run on a battery that does not require fuel, or at least not directly (it will need to be charged electrically which still uses fuel in some instances).

Smart Cameras Installed In Wind Turbines Could Reduce Accidental Bird Deaths
Installations like wind turbines are supposed to be good for the environment as it will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels for energy. However, it seems that these large installations have a negative side effect and that is it could result in accidental deaths of birds who might either fly into it or get hit by the blades.


This German City Has Two Solar-Powered Capsules To Help Homeless People Stay Warm
The winters can be brutal for people who are homeless and do not have a warm place to go and stay. This is rather unfortunate, but it seems that over in the German city of Ulm, there exists capsules which are powered by solar energy that have been designed to help the homeless stay warm and give them shelter.

Australian Company Builds A Hydrogen Battery Storage System For The Home
When it comes to sustainable energy, one of the ways of going about that is to use solar energy to bring power to a home. Companies like Tesla have also created devices like the Tesla Powerwall, which takes excess energy that the solar panels might have gathered and stores it, which can then be used for emergencies.

This Could Be The Largest Tesla Solar Roof Installation To Date
As some of you know, Tesla has been expanding their offerings beyond electric cars and have also started to sell its Solar Roof system. While solar panels installed on roofs aren’t new, Tesla’s solution offers up a more aesthetic solution where the Solar Roof tiles are designed to look like regular tiles so that they blend in better.

Massachusetts To Ban The Sale Of New Gas-Powered Cars By 2035
Ideally, we would all drive cars powered by renewable energy, but it’s hard to make people change, especially when for many decades, we’ve been used to the idea of gas-powered vehicles. This is why the state of Massachusetts has announced that by 2035, they will ban the sale of new gas-powered cars.

Scientists Successfully Turn CO2 Into Jet Fuel
Planes use a lot of fuel to power themselves, and in turn the fuel they use is burned and CO2 is given off, which has contributed to climate change. Airline companies have tried to offset this by planting more trees or setting up wind farms, but is that enough? Could there be a better way to approach this problem?

Korea’s Fusion Reactor Sets A Record For Running At 20 Seconds
The world still relies heavily on fossil fuel for our energy needs, but given that fossil fuels are a finite resource, it means that eventually there will come a day when we will run out of it, not to mention the environmental implications of using them. This is why we have been looking for alternative sources of energy.

IKEA’s Tiny Home Looks Pretty Damn Cozy
These days, we’re starting to notice a trend in what is being dubbed as tiny homes. For those who are unfamiliar, tiny homes are a social movement in which the emphasis is placed on homes that are small that don’t take up a lot of space, are self-sufficient, and in some cases, even mobile.

UK Might Ban Fossil Fuel Cars In 2030
It is widely expected that electric cars will become the new standard in the future moving forwards. This is due to the emphasis placed on reducing the use of fossil fuels, and cars that don’t rely on it are expected to become more common in the future. In fact, the UK might try to speed the adoption of electric cars up.

Researchers Develop Special Paint That Helps Reduce The Need For Air Conditioning
The colors that we choose to paint rooms, houses, or buildings do more than just change the way it looks. Colors can affect one’s mood as well, but it can also have an impact on the overall temperature. This is because different colors absorb light differently, with some colors absorbing light more than others, which is why colors like black are known to retain heat.

Tesla Has Plans For An Even Cheaper Electric Car In The Next 3 Years
For a while, Tesla’s electric cars were viewed as premium vehicles due to their high price tags. However, in recent years, the company has started to offer more affordable models, like the Tesla Model 3 which is priced starting at $35,000. This is by no means cheap, but it is more affordable compared to some of the company’s other electric cars.

California To Ban Sale Of New Gas-Powered Vehicles In 2035
A lot of car makers have set themselves deadlines in which they eventually plan to make the shift to fully-electric vehicles. However, for those who might be holding out, they might have some trouble over in California because the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, has announced that he will be signing an executive order that will ban the sale of new gas-powered cars starting in 2035.

Tesla Launches Its Own Car Wrapping Service
The majority of cars these days tend to be sold in somewhat plain and almost boring colors. Part of the reason is because these colors are more generally accepted and makes the car easier to be resold, but at the same time, the downside is that it lacks a bit of personality.

Google Turns To Recycled Plastic Bottles For Its New Phone Cases
In addition to launching the Pixel 4a, Google also took the wraps off a bunch of new phone cases. This isn’t too surprising given that new phones usually have new cases to accompany them, but it seems that what these cases are made out of might surprise you: they are made using recycled plastic bottles.

Microsoft’s Datacenters Are About To Get A Lot Greener
Due to the immense amount of data that companies like Microsoft need to process, it is not surprising that datacenters can get pretty resource intensive. This is obviously not very sustainable given current methods of powering them, which is why Microsoft has been testing out new ways to more sustainably manage their datacenters.

Audi Tests Electric Car With Bi-Directional Charging
One of the reasons for creating electric cars is to help reduce the negative impact of mining for fossil fuels that power more traditional cars. Combine that with solar panels that can generate energy to charge our electric cars and it seems like a winning scenario, but now Audi wants to take things one step further with bi-directional charging.

Amazon Wants You To Reuse Their Boxes To Make Cool Stuff
If you’ve ever bought things online, especially from Amazon, chances are you are left with a ton of empty and unused cardboard boxes. You could just throw them away or have them recycled, but what if you could actually reuse them to make something else out of them? This is something that Amazon wants its customers to try.