Tesla Launches New Cheaper, More Efficient Solar Panels
Solar panel installations don’t necessarily come cheap, but the idea is that because they’re designed to potentially save you money on your electricity bills, it will eventually help offset the initial costs. For those who are looking to hop on board the solar bandwagon, then Tesla’s solar panels might be of interest to you.

Singaporean Researchers Turn To Shellfish And Fruits As Plastic Replacements
Plastic has to be one of the least environmentally-friendly materials around. This is because they take forever before they can be broken down naturally, and given that they aren’t as durable compared to other materials like metal, they are easily and frequently discarded when they are no longer in use, like plastic boxes, bags, wrappings, and so on.

Germany Will Require All Gas Stations To Also Offer Electric Vehicle Charging Capabilities
Range anxiety is still something that people are dealing with when it comes to electric cars. However, over the years, electric cars have improved greatly in terms or range, but the issue is that EV charging stations still quite aren’t as ubiquitous compared to gas stations, but over in Germany, that could change.

Dyson Shows Off Its Cancelled Electric Car
When we mention the company and brand Dyson, you might be thinking of the company’s fancy hi-tech fans, hairdryers, or lights, but did you also know that the company was also working on an electric car of their own? If you did not, yes, Dyson was working on it before they shelved it, and now they have taken the wraps off on what could have been.


New Plant-Based Plastic Bottles Are Designed To Degrade In A Year
If it wasn’t clear before, the coronavirus pandemic has shown the negative effects that humans have had on the world. During the lockdown, we’ve seen air pollution levels drop by quite a bit, but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. There are still environmental issues that need to be solved, such as plastics.

Tesla Is Working On ‘Secret Batteries’ That Could Reduce The Price Of Electric Cars
Unlike gas-powered cars, electric cars rely heavily on its battery where it pulls multiple duties at keeping the lights on and also providing the range, the latter of which would have typically relied on gas for regular cars. This means that the battery in an EV is doubly as important and can be pretty expensive.

Samsung’s Eco-Friendly Packaging Lets You Turn it Into A House For Your Pets
Pretty much all products come in some form of packaging. However, sometimes when buying larger devices like TVs, the packaging is simply too big to just toss in your bin, plus given its size, it’s not exactly easy to reuse it as an empty box for your knick-knacks. However, that’s what Samsung is hoping to change.

This Hand Sanitizer Is Made From Captured Carbon Dioxide
One of the ways factories have a negative impact on the environment is by producing excessive carbon dioxide. However, it seems that at least one company is taking advantage of that excessive emission and turning it into something good. Known as Air Co., the company is using captured CO2 emissions from nearby factories and using it to help make hand sanitizers.

Air Pollution In China Has Decreased Drastically Due To Coronavirus Outbreak
The coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing despite our best attempts to contain it. As a result, many places have been locked down and people have been sent home in quarantine. Photos out of China have depicted Wuhan, which is the epicenter for the virus, as a ghost town as many business have shut down and residents sent home.

Cactus ‘Leather’ Could Save The Lives Of Billions Of Animals
Leather is typically viewed as a “premium” material where we usually see it used in high-end fashion like wallets and handbags. It has also been used to make accessories for phones, cars, and so on. However, while it does have a nice feel to it, the dark side to leather is that it typically involves the killing and skinning of animals.

This Technology Creates Electricity From Moisture In The Air
We’ve known for a fact that harvesting energy from the environment facilitates in making self-sustained systems.And, that’s what the research paper published in Nature Journal for a new green technology thinks for the process of creating electricity from the moisture in the air.Yes, you read that correctly. A technology that will help you generate power from out of thin air.As the journal explains – “thin-film devices made from nanometre-scale protein […]

Rain Could Be The Next Source Of Renewable Energy
One day, fossil fuels will eventually run out and this is why many are looking into alternative and renewable sources of energy. This includes solar, which is from the sun, wind energy, and hydro which generally relies on dams. However, it seems that researchers have found that maybe rain could be another potential form of renewable energy that we could look at.

This $1 Billion Initiative Wants To Bring EV Chargers To Highways, Rural Areas
As electric cars become more common, there will also become a growing need for more EV chargers. Unfortunately, as it stands, EV chargers simply aren’t quite as common or ubiquitous compared to gas stations, but there has been work by companies to try and get more of them out there.

‘Anti-Solar’ Panels Can Generate Electricity Even At Night
Solar panels generate electricity during the day by absorbing energy from the sun. However when the day turns to night, they become quite useless. However, thanks to the work of Jeremy Munday, a professor in electrical and computer engineering over at the University of California – Davis, he might have found a way to make solar panels just as useful even in the dark.