Here is a brain-computer-interface (BCI) system that has been prepared for use in homes, thanks to g.tec, calling it the intendiX-SPELLER. I will give you that – the name can be quite a mouthful, and is definitely longer than what I would have liked for something which could potentially be groundbreaking. g.tec intends to roll out their intendiX-SOCI (screen-overlay-control-interface) that enables folks to control PC programs including computer games with a brain-computer interface. No idea on whether the speed of thought will be able to translate to a far more efficient computing experience, but I am sure that if possible, I would love to have the computer type down my thoughts, so that my fingers will be free to relax or attend to other tasks at hand (pun not intended).

intendiX-SOCI will not require any form of movement at all, so you are free to talk to someone else while letting your brain multi-task. Just how does the intendiX-SPELLER work? It will rely on a type of brain signal known as the steady-state visual evoked potential, or SSVEP, where some electrodes mounted on the head will pick up this select signal. It has an accuracy of approximately 98%, although I do not think the mouse and keyboard will be phased out anytime soon. [Press Release]

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