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Gaia Bio Lamp glows its feelings

Now here is a lamp that might just work (idea-wise as well as functionality) – the Gaia Bio Lamp as designer Floriane Rousse-Marquet calls it. This mobile light source is capable of throwing an ambient lighting effect, similar to that of a candle. The main aim is to deliver a feeling of care and protection towards nature, as it allows the plants to deliver feedback to the user via the lights. A lamp that lets us humans know how it ‘feels’, now how about that? First of all, a lamp is an inanimate object, and hence has no feeling, but I guess with enough programming an algorithms thrown into the mix, something similar to a real life expression can be arranged. To keep up with the overall green theme, the Gaia Bio Lamp will rely on recyclable materials for its make up, and offers a trio of little lights. All of the natural batteries are assembled serially so that the correct amount of energy is required to turn on an LED.

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