We might have arrived at a potentially revolutionary method of sending messages to one another, and could be as big as a direct leap from smoke signals all the way to e-mails. Neutrinos, for the first time in man’s history, has been harnessed by scientists to successfully send a message through the ground. Neutrinos have long fascinated the scientific community thanks to their superb properties of being able to travel through matter – an entire planet even, without having to stop, slow down or being misdirected. Sporting nearly no mass at all and maintaining a neutral charge, they are not affected by electromagnetic forces and respond very weakly to gravity. Scientists have managed to send a message from one place to another, spelling out “neutrino” in a particle binary code to boot. Why not “Hello World!”? Something tells the that the military and governments of the world would find such a mode of communication to be extremely strategic. It would be interesting to know whether neutrino communication can be hacked.

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