Skateboards are useful to get to your destination far faster than walking, but when the number of people who are walking around you increases exponentially, then shoving your way through a crowd is far more effective than getting stuck in human traffic on a skateboard. Of course, over time, there are other “modes” of transportation, such as a pair of Rollerblades, the Heely’s craze, and scooters. Here we are with the Smart Mobility Style that might just take over where bicycles take off, where it has been touted as a form of next-generation mobility. Enjoy the video of the Smart Mobility Style in action after the break.

The whole idea of the Smart Mobility Style is something that is able to be ridden with ease, making it far more than a bicycle, but is also less than a motorcycle in some ways. Basically, juicing it up for 90 minutes is capable of bringing the battery levels up to 80%, where it is tipped to max out at 65kph, with a projected cruising range of 40km. There are plans to release it outside of Japan, so keep your fingers crossed!

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