We’ve come across various tablet concepts in the past, although we have to admit that the Four concept tablet by Marko Vuckovic may very well have taken the cake in terms of design. As pictured above, Four is a concept tablet that measures 145 x 235mm and based on its features and renderings, it appears to be a tablet designed for the home in mind, allowing it to be hung up on walls to double as digital painting while providing its user with a variety of functions and features.

The Four will provide weather forecasts which the user can check before heading out to work, school, etc, natural ambience for those who enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature, travel planning facilities that let the user plan their trips and more, all while doubling up as a digital painting while its features are not in use. While its features appear to be rather novel, the design of the tablet itself is pretty beautiful and appears to be razor thin while sporting an edge-to-edge display. So what do you guys think? Any takers?

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