ZBoard Electric is an electric skateboard that was created in Hermosa Beach, California. Made popular on KickStarter, the board has started to sell (pre-orders) in February of 2012, and the first boards should start shipping on April 12. So far, this project has raised $237,000+ on Kickstarter. With its big wheels and electric motor, the ZBoard can transport its rider at a top-speed of 15-MPH. The rider can control the acceleration with the front pad, and brake with the rear one as both are have pressure-sensitive sensors that should allow a relatively fine level of control.

This is a great idea, but with one caveat: with the motor and battery, the ZBoard weighs about 37 lbs. To put it in perspective, it’s more than my 55″ LED TV. Of course, depending on how you use it, that could not be an issue at all: if you drive to the beach and ride for a while, it’s totally OK. If for some reason, you have to carry it for a while because you’re going to shop in a mall, it may not be as fun. The “pro” version ($749) of the ZBoard has an even bigger battery, and weighs even more. How would you use the Zboard ($499)?

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