Chevrolet Will Start Selling EV Retrofit Kits In 2021
If you want an electric car, you’ll have to go out and buy one, but what if you already own a car? We suppose you could sell it off and then buy an electric car, but what if you didn’t have to? That’s pretty much the premise the Chevrolet is working with as the company has announced that in 2021, they will start selling EV retrofit kits.

Autonomous Car Race Shows That Self-Driving Cars Might Be 100% Ready Yet
It is possible that in the future, self-driving cars will become the new standard. After all, if everyone uses self-driving cars, in theory it should be a lot safer as it takes out issues like human error. However, a recently-held self-driving car race has shown that maybe the tech isn’t quite ready for prime time just yet.

Thieves Try To Steal A Tesla, Gets Trolled By Its Owner Instead
Pretty much all cars have some kind of alarm system that will go off when someone tries to break into your car, but if you can’t hear it, then that’s just too bad. However, with smarter cars like Tesla, its security system is obviously a lot more comprehensive, something that these thieves probably did not anticipate.

Tesla Warns Some Model 3 Bumpers Might Fall Off While Driving During Heavy Rain
There are many reasons why a car’s bumper might fall off. It usually has to do with accidents, where if you accidentally scraped the underside, it might loosen it and cause it to fall off. Or if someone hit your car or you’ve hit someone else’s car or an object. But falling off due to heavy rain? That’s a new one.


Jaguar Land Rover Launches An In-Car Noise-Cancellation System
If you’ve been driving for a while now, there’s a good chance that you might not even notice it, but our cars make a lot of noise. Some are quieter than others, but there is still noise to be had, whether it be from the heating or cooling unit, the sound of our engine, other cars driving by, the sound of tires hitting gravel, and so on.

This Guy Accidentally ‘Butt-Purchased’ A $4,000 Tesla Upgrade
We’ve all accidentally made a “butt dial” at some point in our lives where by we’ve called people without meaning to. However, have you ever accidentally “butt-purchased” anything before? Unfortunately for Dr. Ali Vaziri, he’s now on the hook for a $4,280 bill from Tesla after he allegedly claims he accidentally purchased an upgrade for his vehicle.

Ducati Will Put Radars Into Its Motorcycles To Make It Safer For Riders
Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, but it can also be rather dangerous. This is due to the fact that unlike being in a car, on a motorcycle riders are usually left exposed. However, Ducati is hoping to make the riding experience a lot safer as they have announced that they have started production on what they’re calling the world’s first motorcycle to come with front and rear […]

Ring Expands Its Security Offers To Automobiles
Ring is mostly known for its home security systems like its smart doorbell and more recently its home security camera that comes with a built-in sentry drone. However, it seems that the company has decided to expand on their portfolio where they’ll be moving beyond the home and into automobiles.

Tesla Has Plans For An Even Cheaper Electric Car In The Next 3 Years
For a while, Tesla’s electric cars were viewed as premium vehicles due to their high price tags. However, in recent years, the company has started to offer more affordable models, like the Tesla Model 3 which is priced starting at $35,000. This is by no means cheap, but it is more affordable compared to some of the company’s other electric cars.

California To Ban Sale Of New Gas-Powered Vehicles In 2035
A lot of car makers have set themselves deadlines in which they eventually plan to make the shift to fully-electric vehicles. However, for those who might be holding out, they might have some trouble over in California because the state’s governor, Gavin Newsom, has announced that he will be signing an executive order that will ban the sale of new gas-powered cars starting in 2035.

A Tesla Owner Was Charged By The Police For Sleeping While Driving
Tesla has always been pretty careful when marketing its Autopilot feature, which they have insisted in the past does not turn their vehicles into self-driving cars, even though for the most part it does have certain autonomous capabilities. However, it has not stopped Tesla owners from treating it as such.

Pilots Spotted Someone Flying A Jetpack Near LAX
It seems that pilots don’t only have to worry about other planes in the sky, birds, or drones, but it looks like a new worry can be added to the list in the form of people flying jetpacks. This is because according to a recent report, pilots flying over LAX have reported to have seen someone flying a jetpack near the airport.

Tesla’s Cars Will Soon Be Able Detect Speed Limit Signs
One of the features of Tesla’s cars is its Autopilot feature, which the company has insisted is not a self-driving feature. However, it does more or less function like a self-driving car, where it can detect obstacles, make turns, and also speed up or slow down. However, there have been some wondering about the latter feature.

Japan’s ‘Flying Car’ Gets Off The Ground With A Human Pilot
We’ve all seen the TV shows and movies where everyone seems to be driving a flying car. It always felt like the stuff of science fiction, but it looks like it’s slowly becoming a reality. In fact, over in Japan, they are inching towards such a future thanks to Japan’s SkyDrive who recently successfully tested a flying car which got off the ground with a human pilot in the seat.