Lyft Enables Default Tipping And 5-Star Ratings For Drivers

Lyft is adding a couple of driver-focused features to its ride-sharing service. It’s making it easier for passengers to tip drivers with a default tipping option. Lyft will also allow passengers to tip while they’re still on the ride so that they don’t forget about it when rushing out of the car.

Ford And Walmart Working On Autonomous Delivery Service

Ford’s heavily invested in self-driving cars and it’s working with multiple partners to create solutions that will rely on cars that can drive themselves. The company has teamed up with Walmart to explore how self-driving cars can delivery everyday goods such as groceries and supplies. Postmates is a partner in this project as well.

Lime’s First Car-Sharing Service Launches In Seattle

Lime is well known as a scooter and bike sharing company but it’s now ready to offer a more widely used mode of transportation. It’s launching its first car-sharing service in Seattle. The service, called LimePod, will be available in Seattle starting this week with a fleet of 50 Fiat 500 cars at launch.

Uber Rewards Program Launched To Provide Special Benefits

Days after Lyft announced the launch of a rewards program for riders, Uber today announced a similar program. Uber Rewards is not just limited to the ride-hailing service. Users will earn rewards points on both Uber and Uber Eats. The program will offer special benefits that users will be able to unlock as rewards.


Spain Wants To Ban Gas & Diesel Car Sales In 2040

These days we’re starting to see more car makers make the shift towards production of electric and hybrid cars in a bid to reduce the amount of gas we consume. While having a wider variety to choose from definitely helps with adoption, the fact that gas and diesel powered cars are still available means that some customers will continue to choose such cars over greener models.

Volvo’s Popular Subscription Service Is Running Out Of Cars

Volvo launched its car subscription service not too long ago. It predicted that the Care by Volvo service will be well received and it appears that the prediction was accurate. In merely four months after the service’s launch, Volvo has sold as many subscriptions as it initially believed it would sell in the service’s first year.

Waymo’s Driverless Taxi Service May Launch Commercially Next Month

Waymo, the self-driving division of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has long been working on self-driving cars with the aim of launching a taxi service that relies entirely on cars that can drive themselves. According to a new report, Waymo could be launching its driverless taxi service as soon as next month.

Lyft Rider Loyalty Program Launches Next Month

Lyft has announced today that it’s going to launch a loyalty program for riders in the United States next month. The program is called Lyft Rewards and it will allow riders across the country to earn points for each dollar that they spend on the service. The reward points can then be used for savings on future rides, upgrading to nicer cars, and more.

Siri Can Now Unlock Your Volkswagen Car

Siri, Apple’s digital personal assistant, can now allow you to lock and unlock your Volkswagen car with just a voice command. This has been made possible by the car manufacturer allowing the assistant’s integration with its VW Car-Net app. The iOS app allows users to lock and unlock their car, check estimated fuel range or charge, and even enable alarms.

Volkswagen Reportedly Developing A $23,000 Electric Car

German auto giant Volkswagen is reportedly developing a cheaper electric car which it will sell of under 20,000 euros or $23,000. The company is also said to protect jobs in Germany by converting three of its factories to manufacture these cheap electric cars in the country.

Paris Region Launching World’s Largest Fleet Of Electric Bicycles

Electric scooters are being deployed in major cities across the globe by states and startups alike to reduce congestion and pollution. The Paris region is reportedly going to take a similar step as part of a state-funded scheme which will be aimed at getting commuters to cycle to their destinations. Achieving this aim will require putting in place the largest fleet of electric bicycles in the world.

Musk’s Boring Company Also Wants To Dig Sewers

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company might have come into existence with the idea of revolutionizing public transport in congested cities but the company is interested in digging far more than just tunnels for its transit systems. Speaking at the National League of Cities’ 2018 City Summit in Los Angeles this week, Musk said that The Boring Company wants to provide tunneling services for a variety of other uses such as […]

Tesla Rolls Out ‘Track Mode’ For The Model 3

Tesla had announced the “Track Mode” for its Model 3 electric sedan earlier this year and the company is now sending out an update for the car which enables this mode which will enable drivers to drift their electric car. What the software does is simply disable all traction control protection and repurpose the dual electric motors in the Performance variants to improve cornering and enable drivers to drift.

Self-Driving Mercedes S-Class Taxi Service Launches In San Jose Next Year

It was confirmed by Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler and Bosch back in July that they would be launching a pilot program for their robo-taxi service in Silicon Valley next year. Some additional details have been confirmed about the service. Its fleet will consist of luxurious self-driving Mercedes-Benz S class vehicles and the service will be launched in San Jose, California in the second half of 2019.