Both Crashed 737s Lacked Safety Features Boeing Sold Only As Options

The investigation continues into what caused Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 to crash five months apart from each other, killing everyone on board. There are a couple of similarities between both incidents. The flights were operated on a Boeing 737 Max 8, a new iteration of Boeing’s iconic 737, and both crashed shortly after take off. A new report mentions that both jets were missing two […]

Ford To Invest $850 Million For EV Manufacturing In Michigan

Ford has made a significant shift to electric vehicles and the company is increasing investment in production facilities where these vehicles will be made. The company has announced that it’s investing $850 million in its Flat Rock, Michigan assembly plant which it wants to make the hub of its EV production.

Volvo To Use In-Car Cameras To Prevent Drunk Driving

Drunk and distracted driving still causes a lot of road accidents many of which often prove to be fatal. Volvo is looking to prevent that. The company said today that it’s going to use cameras installed inside its vehicles to monitor driver behavior and intervene if it seems like the driver is either distracted or drunk. It goes without saying that this move will be a cause for concern for […]

Audi Silvercar Now Offers Pick Up And Delivery In Select Locations

Audi is making its premium Silvercar rental service a bit more convenient for customers in select locations in San Francisco and New York City. They will now be able to schedule pick up and delivery of their vehicle either to their residential address or to a location of their choice for an extra fee.


U.S. Senators Want Airlines To Clarify How Seatback Cameras Are Used

Vitaly Kamluk, a malware researcher, recently spotted what appeared to be a camera lens integrated into the seatback inflight entertainment system on a Singapore Airlines flight. It emerged that some recent IFE products indeed feature an integrated camera even though Singapore Airlines and others have denied using them to monitor passengers. Two U.S. senators are now demanding answers as they want airlines to clarify how these devices are used.

Tesla Pickup Truck Teaser Sends Fanbase Into Frenzy

Tesla recently unveiled its Model Y crossover SUV and also teased another vehicle that many of its fans have long been waiting for. The company’s CEO Elon Musk has previously said that Tesla will build an all-electric pickup truck and he did share a teaser of it on Twitter. The teaser didn’t reveal much but it was enough to send the fanbase into a speculation frenzy.

Boeing’s 737 Max Safety Analysis Was Reportedly Flawed

Boeing’s latest 737 Max jets have been grounded in several countries including the United States following the recent crash of Ethiopian Airlines. It was the second hull loss of the 737 Max 8 after the Lion Air crash merely six months ago. This has prompted concerns about a particular safety feature on the aircraft which additional data shows might have been the cause in both incidents, though a concrete link […]

Fisker Confirms New Electric SUV For Under $40,000

With Tesla unveiling an affordable SUV a few days ago, Fisker has now announced that it’s going to build a similar electric SUV as well. The company has said that this SUV will be priced under $40,000 and will have some advantages over its rivals. This includes greater range compared to the base Model Y variant.

Tesla Model Y Crossover Officially Announced

Tesla has been dabbling in quite a few different car models, but in case the Model 3 sedan wasn’t really your style, then you might be pleased to learn that Tesla has since taken the wraps off its latest car model: the Model Y. The Model Y is a crossover car and the company has been steadily teasing its unveiling for the past few years.

Boeing 737 Max Planes Have Been Grounded In The U.S.

The pressure has been building on the Federal Aviation Administration to ground the Boeing 737 Max fleet in the United States following the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday. China was the first country to ground the jet amid concerns that the cause of this crash might be similar to that of the Lion Air crash six months ago which also involved a Boeing 737 Max 8. Merely a day […]

Boeing To Release Software Update For 737 Max Jets Next Month

Boeing’s latest 737 Max jets have come under the spotlight after the loss of two aircraft in fatal accidents merely six months apart. This is unheard of in this day and age. A lot of questions are being asked about the airworthiness of these jets, which are an iteration of the iconic Boeing 737, one of the most successful passenger jets ever produced. Boeing has now said that it’s going […]

Tesla Owner Claims Unintended Acceleration Crashed His Vehicle

There have been a couple of cases involving Tesla vehicles alleging unintended acceleration and there’s another addition to the list, this time from China. A Model S owner crashed his vehicle into the river near a Supercharger station in China. The owner claims that the car had accelerated on its own and ended up in the river.

Tesla Decides To Keep Showrooms Open, Raises Prices By 3%

Merely a couple of weeks ago Tesla announced that it was making a significant change to the way it sells vehicles. The company was to shut down almost all of its stores and move sales online entirely. It was described as an effort to cut down costs as the company tries to make its electric cars cheaper. Tesla has changed its mind now, though.

Boeing’s Newest 737 Max Jets Are Being Grounded Following Crashes

The Boeing 737 family of jets is perhaps the most successful passenger airliner ever produced. Thousands of units have been sold over the past couple of decades and Boeing continues to make new iterations of its iconic narrow-body jet in order to serve the needs of its customers. The Boeing 737 Max 8 is one of the newest variants of this jet and it has unfortunately been involved in two […]