BMW Might Introduce Subscriptions For In-Car Features
Remember the good old days when you would buy something and it was essentially yours, no strings attached? Unfortunately, for BMW car owners, it seems that the company has announced a new initiative that will undoubtedly draw a lot of criticism, and this comes in the form of an expansion of its ConnectedDrive Store.

Toyota Announces Recall Of Over 700,000 Prius Vehicles Over Software Flaw
Back in the early days of the automobile, there was no such thing as onboard computers and cars were pretty much purely mechanical. For the most part, cars these days are still largely mechanical, but now come with computers built into them that have software to better control and fine tune the car in a myriad of ways.

Uber Could Be Considering Acquiring Postmates
Uber started out as a ridesharing company, but later the company leveraged its drivers to form Uber Eats, where drivers could also go pickup food orders along their routes and deliver them to customers as a way of earning a bit more money. However, in recent times due to the pandemic, the number of people relying on ridesharing is clearly down, while demand for food delivery is going up.

This Is How Fast A Tesla Roadster Equipped With SpaceX Thrusters Looks Like
Ever wondered how fast a car could potentially go if it had rocket thrusters installed on them? We’re not sure how safe it would be, but thanks to @Pslavi on Twitter, he has put together a concept video that uses a bit of video editing to imagine how fast a Tesla Roadster could go (and what it looks like) if it had SpaceX thrusters fitted onto it.


The Original Segway Will Be Reaching Its End Of Life This July
When the original Segway was first introduced, it was supposed to revolutionize the personal transportation system where it was envisioned that in the future, everyone would be traveling along on a Segway. Unfortunately, that has not come to pass, namely due to the fact that at $5,000, it was a hard sell.

Apple Patents A Way To Keep Drivers Alert In Self-Driving Cars
One of the perks of self-driving cars is that, well, it drives itself. This means that in theory, you could be doing something else while the car is being driven. However, this is often not advised because there could be situations where it might need human intervention and if you’re distracted, then it could lead to disastrous consequences.

EV Battery Maker Claims To Have Developed A Battery That Can Last 1 Million Miles
All batteries have a lifespan, and by that we don’t mean how long it can last on a single charge, but rather how many times it is capable of charging before it stops being effective. Given that the batteries are essentially the heart of an electric car, this is doubly important compared to regular fuel-powered cars.

UK Government Might Be Considering Paying People To Swap To Electric Cars
Cars are by no means a cheap purchase, so you can imagine that people who already own cars might not be willing to swap out to a new one, especially an electric car which still hasn’t quite gone mainstream yet. However, over in the UK, it seems that the government could be considering something rather radical.

Germany Will Require All Gas Stations To Also Offer Electric Vehicle Charging Capabilities
Range anxiety is still something that people are dealing with when it comes to electric cars. However, over the years, electric cars have improved greatly in terms or range, but the issue is that EV charging stations still quite aren’t as ubiquitous compared to gas stations, but over in Germany, that could change.

Dyson Shows Off Its Cancelled Electric Car
When we mention the company and brand Dyson, you might be thinking of the company’s fancy hi-tech fans, hairdryers, or lights, but did you also know that the company was also working on an electric car of their own? If you did not, yes, Dyson was working on it before they shelved it, and now they have taken the wraps off on what could have been.

Tesla Is Working On ‘Secret Batteries’ That Could Reduce The Price Of Electric Cars
Unlike gas-powered cars, electric cars rely heavily on its battery where it pulls multiple duties at keeping the lights on and also providing the range, the latter of which would have typically relied on gas for regular cars. This means that the battery in an EV is doubly as important and can be pretty expensive.

Check Out This Inflatable Scooter That Can Fit In Your Backpack
Cycling, skating, or hopping onto a scooter is no doubt a faster mode of transportation compared to walking. However, the downside is that you need to bring it around with you and find a place to keep it. There is also the risk of it getting stolen. However, thanks to researchers at the University of Tokyo, they have developed an e-scooter that is inflatable and fits inside of your backpack.

Engineer Imagines What Social Distancing Could Look Like In Airplanes
Until a vaccine for the coronavirus has been found, social distancing is expected to be the new norm. This is because there could be people out there who are asymptomatic and aren’t displaying signs of being infected, which makes it dangerous as it could result in them spreading the virus to others unknowingly.

Elon Musk Says Video Calls In Tesla Will Be ‘Definitely’ Be Coming
Video calls have been around for a long time, and with the coronavirus pandemic, they are becoming more important than ever, so much so that Elon Musk has claimed that video calls in Tesla vehicles will “definitely” be a future feature that will be implemented into the company’s cars.