Ford Announces Plans For All-Electric F-Series Pickup Truck

Ford has been heavily investing in technologies that will bring about the future of mobility, such as electric and autonomous driving technology. The company has announced at an event in Detroit that it’s going to be making an all-electric F series pickup truck. It has been working on a hybrid version for the truck since 2015 but that project will remain completely separate from the all-electric version.

Tesla Is Ending Its Customer Referral Program

Tesla has been running a referral program for quite some time now. When owners give their friends a referral code and they purchase a vehicle, the company gives them six months of free access to Tesla’s Supercharger network. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed via Twitter today that the company will be ending its referral program soon.

Analysts Claim That Apple’s Self-Driving Car Plans Could Be Scrapped

As many probably know by now, Apple is working on developing technology for self-driving cars. It was initially rumored that Apple might actually make the cars themselves, but recent reports have suggested that the company is more interested in the tech behind it than building the actual cars.

Tesla Launches A New Portable Plug-In EV Charger

Tesla has launched a new Wall Connector charger for its electric vehicles that’s portable which means you can take it with you. It’s non-hardwired and has a NEMA 14-50 plug for charging EVs. Tesla says that this home charger can power up a Model S, Model X or Model 3 25 percent faster than its Gen 2 Mobile Connector which comes as standard with its cars.


Uber Gets Slightly More Expensive In London To Pay For Electric Cars

Uber has announced a Clean Air plan for one of the busiest cities in the world. The plan is to help drivers on its network shift to electric cars in a move that will have a major impact on London’s environment. There’s a cost to this, though, and Uber is passing some of it on to the riders. Uber rides will now be slightly more expensive in the city as […]

First Cadillac Electric Vehicle Teaser Released

It was reported last week that General Motors will now be leading its push in the electric vehicle market under the Cadillac brand. A teaser image of the first Cadillac electric vehicle has now been posted online. As part of the company’s new strategy, Cadillac is now its lead EV brand and will be aggressively competing in this nascent market.

Cadillac May Lead GM’s Electric Vehicle Push

General Motors reportedly wants to push its electric vehicle efforts through Cadillac. According to a report, Cadillac is likely going to be the lead electric vehicle brand as the country’s largest car manufacturer is expected to launch a new Cadillac-branded electric car to take on Tesla.

A Self-Driving Car’s Laser Reportedly Destroyed A Man’s Camera

Self-driving cars employ a whole host of sensors and technology that helps them navigate by themselves, detect obstacles, and so on. One of those technologies used is LiDAR, which is a laser system used to help measure distances. These lasers are rated to be safe to the human eye, but unfortunately it might not be safe for cameras.

Tesla Feature That Lets Car Follow You ‘Like A Pet’ Arrives Soon

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced back in November last year that the company was working on an advanced version of its Summon feature. The feature will allow the car to drive to the owner’s phone location and follow them “like a pet” if they hold down the Summon button in the Tesla app. He has now revealed that this feature should be released in a few weeks.

Buying A Tesla Model S And Model X Will Now Be More Expensive

If you’re looking to buy a new Model S or Model X from Tesla, your cost just went up. CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that the company is ditching the 75kWh battery pack for both vehicles. This means that the base price for the cars has just gone up significantly. Tesla uses this battery pack in the base models of both vehicles.

Pioneer Wants To Turn Your Smartphone Into An In-Dash Car Display

#CES2019 – If you are buying a new car, you might be given the option to choose an infotainment system that will support Android Auto or CarPlay. If you aren’t buying a new car but want those features, there are some aftermarket options to check out. However if you think that those are still a bit too pricey, maybe Pioneer could have something for you.

Bose Wants To Use Noise-Cancelling Tech To Keep Car Cabins Quiet

Some might argue that Bose’s audio products are overpriced and that for those prices, you could get “better” sounding systems. However if there is an area that Bose is ahead of the competition in, it would be its noise-cancelling technology which is used in their QuietComfort lineup of headphones (although Sony seems to be catching up).

Hyundai Shows A ‘Walking Car’ Concept At CES 2019

You’ve heard all about the different flying car concepts but what about a car that can bust out four legs when you’re just not feeling the traffic? Hyundai Elevate is the company’s “walking car” concept that’s not actually meant to take you over a traffic jam. It would deploy robotic legs to basically walk over rough terrain. The company says that this concept has been designed with first responders in […]

New Nissan Leaf Manages Over 200 Miles On A Single Charge

Nissan’s famous Leaf electric car will now be able to offer you more range. The company updated it back in 2017 and today it has introduced a new version of the Leaf. It’s called the Leaf e+ and can travel 226 miles on a single charge. Nissan says that this represents a 40 percent improvement in range. In the simplest of terms, the car has a bigger battery.