The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) is an association where magazine publishers get together and discuss photography and other image related endeavors going on in the world. In an award ceremony held by the Association in Cape Town, the annual event saw two smartphones grab up awards among the cornucopia of DSLRs and photography innovations. Nokia’s PureView technology scooped up the award for the Best Imaging Innovation title with TIPA stating how much they admired the devices size as well as its huge resolution. They also commended the imaging sensor and lossless digital zoom on the Nokia 808 PureView.

On the other hand, in the category for Best Mobile Imaging Device, the top honors went to Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus with Association pointing out the 720p Super AMOLED screen and zero shutter lag available on the pure Android device despite its 5MP camera. Naturally, the folks over at NokiaConversations aren’t too pleased with that decision and have defended the PureView smartphone with the explanation that since the device isn’t on sale yet, it technically can’t win the Best Mobile Imaging Device award. Of course many people will disagree with the result but TIPA made their decision based on several characteristics which they saw fit. There have been reports indicating that web users believe that the Xperia S, Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 4S all seem more deserving than the Samsung Galaxy Nexus nevertheless, the latest Nexus device was the one that scooped up the top prize.

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