Datawind has run out of patience with Hyderabad-based vendor Quad Electronics, as the latter has failed to deliver the Android 4.0-powered Aakash tablet as promised, resulting in the Aakash tablet being a fortnight behind schedule where deliveries for retail sales are concerned. Having ended their working relationship with Quad Electronics in January, Datawind chief executive Suneet Singh Tuli mentioned that Quad Electronics breached Datawind’s intellectual property rights, saying, “Quad circumvented our relationship with IIT-Rajasthan, signed a direct memorandum of understanding with them and then sold off its inventory in the open market.” Datawind is currently looking for new manufacturing partners, although no deal has been finalized to date.

Datawind had a mind to deliver the Aakash tablet before March is over, but with this snafu, they hope to catch up on their promised delivery schedule before April comes to an end. Hopefully Datawind will be able to see themselves through this difficult period, and that those looking forward to the Aakash tablet will also be patient and understanding enough of the situation.

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