In an age where our smartphones come with pretty awesome cameras and apps to support the various effects and post-processing of our photos, point-and-shoot cameras are starting to look less and less relevant. So what can a manufacturer do in order to entice its customers? Well in Casio’s case, re-releasing a model with updated features and a sticker of a popular anime character in Japan seems to be their game plan.

The camera Casio has released is dubbed the Doraemon’s Bell x Casio Exilim EX-Z3000. It is based on last year’s model which features a 16MP image sensor and 8x zoom, but the main feature here is that it will feature images and features related to the Doraemon anime character. Basically what this does is that it allows the user to snap a photo, and using the camera’s touchscreen display, add various images from the Doraemon anime series into the photo (as pictured above).

It certainly is a novelty feature but we’re not sure how well this would be received, especially those features can be had on a smartphone with the right app. In any case it is currently up for pre-order for ¥29,800 (~$368), so if you think this would make a great present for your kid, head on down to its website for the details.

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