“Excuse me, I left my business card on a petri dish back at the office.” You might be telling that to your business associate in the future, assuming Ebolaindustries have things their way. This marketing firm issues business cards that cannot be read with the naked eye, but rather, will require you to place it under the scrutiny of a microscope before the details can be seen. Basically, Ebolaindustries is a marketing firm from Italy who prides itself in making things go viral, if you will excuse the pun. If you want to share your corporate information the Ebolaindustries way, then be prepared to hand out what looks like a lab slide to your associates and contacts the next time you meet.

Not everyone will have a microscope at home, but it definitely will pique the interest of the receiver to grab hold of one – beg, borrow or steal, I shall leave that to the individual conscience. With the advent of the Internet as well as digital business cards, do you think that there will be a place for traditional business cards? Surely Ebolaindustries’ effort in this case has clearly placed it head above shoulders from the crowd.

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