Miss Travel dating website matches rich and the beautiful

Despite the world being more and more connected, it is surprising to hear of humans getting more lonely. Heck, if your pooch needs a dating website, so too, why not humans? The Miss Travel dating website offers a different take, targeting travelers who are high rollers, and yet for the life of them, are still single and available, and want attractive partners to travel with them. For free, yo! Something tells me that if one were to take the general demographic into consideration, there would be far more beautiful female profiles available as freeloaders, er, willing traveling companions than guys.

It really depends on perspective as to how one views this idea. Looks like the barter trade system is back in vogue with the collapsing global economy. Check out a description lifted off from the website in detail after the jump.

Traveling to exotic new places and experiencing new cultures can be so much fun especially when you have the money to travel, and you have someone attractive to travel with (especially when it is with someone you really like). MissTravel.com was built to solve the big travel dilemma, by matching Generous frequent flyers who have the money but lack company with Attractive travel lovers who don’t have the financial resources to do so. Besides matchmaking, MissTravel.com does a whole lot more. The website provides an incentive system that allows Generous members the ability to gift frequent flyer points to Attractive members (hence gifting them the gift of travel). Attractive members who accumulates enough frequent flyer points may redeem them for free airline tickets and hotel rooms, allowing them the opportunity to travel the world for free.

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