Motorola’s MotoACTV digital watch and pedometer is a nifty gadget as we previously reported. As intriguing as it is especially for golfers, its limitation was a big one in that it could not pair with any phone besides a Motorola one. Fortunately for all of you who went gaga over the prospect of owning one, an update is being prepared to roll out that will fix that oversight, allowing the MotoACTV to pair with and work with all Android devices that are running Android 2.1 Éclair or above.

The update mentioned will be hitting the Google Play Store later today. Besides the all important open pairing, the update will also include a few new features such as scheduled workouts retrievable from the smartphone app and personal fitness tracking without going to the MotoACTV website. While there are definitely a number of people who bought Motorola phones just to use the MotoACTV, there would probably be just as much if not more people who have declined to buy the $250 add-on device because of pairing issues prior to the update. Now it looks like things are looking brighter for the unique little gadget.

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