It took less than a month for the Nest Learning Thermostat to be torn apart after its announcement, and this is one smart thermostat which should not look out of place in any modern home – especially when you want to regulate the use of your abode’s thermostat when there are so many people living under the same roof. Nest has recently announced that they have made available a new software update for current Nest Learning Thermostat users, which we will look at in further detail after the jump.


First of all, there is the Updated Energy History View that enables Nest owners to see exactly when and for how long their heating or cooling (HVAC) systems have been turned on and off over the past 10 days, in addition to whether their energy use increased or decreased compared to the previous week, as well as the probably cause of that change.

As for Airwave, it will help optimize the use of the fan instead of A/C when Nest is set to cooling in order to save energy while continuing to keep temperature down. Airwave works by adapting itself to your home; turning on automatically if the humidity is low, which in turn results in a lesser amount of time which your compressor is left on.

The update user interface also makes it a whole lot easier to navigate through, while DIY enthusiasts will be pleased that it is even easier than before to install, since Nest devices will now come with a revamped backplate and wire connectors.

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