Stonehenge is still quite the enigma even today, and British researchers have already performed experiments on a fake Stonehenge in addition to the actual historical monument that has already clocked up 5,000 years on earth. These experiments were performed to figure out just how sounds echoed within the ancient circle of stones, and the results of the experiment proved to be hair raising in some way or another. Bruno Fazenda of the University of Salford said, “We can expect such a space to have a striking effect on someone of that time, identical to what we feel nowadays when we go into a church.”

Perhaps those from the Neolithic era who gathered within Stonehenge itself would have experienced a religious high, which would also be in line with the majority of archaeologists who second guess that Stonehenge is actually a place where people approached for healing. Reconstructing the sounds is not easy at all, since not all the original stones are there, and since electrical power as well as generators are a no no on the site, the kind of audio equipment and scientific instruments which can be used there are pretty limited.

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