One of the perks of shopping in brick and mortar shops is that it allows users to touch and try out the device before purchasing it. Unfortunately for some of us, we don’t have the time to drive around and spend time handling gadgets and have no choice but to resort to online purchases and reviews for our answers. In order to prevent buyers remorse, a new website dubbed YBuy has been launched and it basically provides its customers with gadgets for them to try before making their decision to purchase it. As it is, customers are allowed to return products to retailers for an exchange or refund, but this usually involves paying full price for the product first.

Instead customers (or members) of the website will just need to pay a $50 registration fee and a monthly subscription fee of $25 and they can then try products out for a maximum duration of 30 days before making the decision as to whether they want to buy it. If you decide not to buy it, all you’d have to do is put the product back in its package and send it back. Unlike other online retailers such as Amazon where customers have a huge selection to choose from, YBuy will instead offer up a handful of products picked by its staff. At the moment it looks like membership to YBuy is invitation-only for now, but head on over and drop your email for an invitation request.

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