YouTube Drops Banhammer On Dangerous Challenges And Pranks

Videos about challenges and pranks tend to do quite well on YouTube. There has always been a debate on where does one cross a line when it comes to content of this sort as there are more than a few instances where people have taken things to far just for fame and fortune on YouTube. In light of the recent Bird Box-inspired challenges being posted on YouTube, the video streaming […]

Facebook To Invest $300 Million In Local News

Facebook has announced that it will be making a major investment to support local news over the next three years. It has set aside $300 million for this purpose. The money will be doled out to different initiatives and organizations with the sole aim of supporting local newsrooms. The initiative is not unlike the one that Google announced late last year.

All Netflix Plans In The U.S. Are Now More Expensive

There’s some bad news today for Netflix subscribers in the United States. The streaming service is raising prices for subscribers in the country across all tiers. There isn’t going to be a cooling off period here as well. The price hike goes in effect immediately which means subscribers will be charged the higher rate when their next billing cycle begins.

Facebook Now Lets Users Share Events To Stories

Facebook has seen considerable success with the Stories feature on Instagram so much so that it has started offering the feature on almost all of its services. However, Stories on Instagram still attract the most amount of users across all of its products. In a bid to improve the usage numbers on Facebook proper, the social network is now allowing users to share Events to Stories.


The Most Liked Picture On Instagram Is Now An Egg

Kylie Jenner’s claim on having the most liked picture on Instagram has been poached by an unlikely contender. It’s not another celebrity that million of people follow. It’s a stock image of a plain egg. That image was uploaded with the sole purpose of taking this title and it has succeeded. The image has over 29 million likes as of this liking.

Hyatt Hotels Launches Its Own Bug Bounty Program

It’s common for tech companies to have a bug bounty program. That allows them to tap into the incredible talents of whitehat hackers who disclose vulnerabilities in their systems in exchange for a reward. Hyatt Hotels isn’t a tech company, it’s a major hospitality chain. However, in light of the recent card-skimming attacks against its properties, the hotel chain has launched its own bug bounty program.

Mark Zuckerberg’s 2019 Challenge Is Public Talks On The Future Of Tech

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made a habit of setting out a “personal challenge” for himself at the start of the new year. He has been doing this for a few years now, at least publicly, and he has now shared what he intends to devote his time to this year. Zuckerberg will be hosting a series of public talks on the future of technology.

Hulu Now Has Over 25 Million Subscribers

Hulu continues to create a space for itself in the crowded video streaming market. The company has announced that it now has more than 25 million subscribers. It’s a significant improvement given that this figure represents a 50 percent increase in subscribers year-over-year. The increase was largely due to the expansion of Hulu’s content library which obviously brought in a lot of new subscribers.

Microsoft’s Project ‘Bali’ Will Give Users Access To Their Collected Data

You generate a lot of data any time you’re online. This data is then used by services to either improve the user experience for you or to serve you advertisements. Many companies do provide users with access to the data that’s collected about them and it appears that Microsoft is looking to take things further. It has a new project codenamed “Bali” which will not only give users access to […]

Google Photos Live Albums Limit Raised To 20,000 Images

The Live Albums feature for Google Photos went live earlier this year. It relies on Google’s machine learning prowess to automatically add photos of people and pets to a custom album. The amount of images that could be stored on these auto-populating albums was 10,000 at launch in October. Google has now doubled the limit to 20,000 images.

Google Using Mobile-First Indexing For Over Half The Pages In Search

The use of mobile devices has exploded in recent years. More people search on Google using a mobile device than ever before. Keeping this in mind, Google announced two years ago that it was working on mobile-first indexing. That essentially meant shifting over to the mobile version of a website to index its pages for search. Two years later, Google reports that it now uses mobile-first indexing for more than […]

Amazon’s Third Digital Day Confirmed For December 28th

Amazon today announced that its third annual Digital Day has been set for Friday, December 28th. The annual sales event offers a significant discount on digital content available across Amazon. Customers will be able to take advantage of deals on digital content such movies, TV shows, apps, ebooks, games and more.

Collaborating On G Suite Documents To Get Easier For Non-Accounts

Google’s G Suite – Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides – are a great resource for working on the go. They’re effective tools for collaborative working backed by the power of Google’s cloud. Everything is tied to Google accounts but the company is making it easier for non-Google account holders to collaborate on G Suite documents.

Wall Street Journal Hacked By PewDiePie Fans

PewDiePie fans are really going to extreme lengths to ensure that their favorite YouTube creator remains the channel with the most subscribers. Some of you may be aware that PewDiePie’s lead is under threat from another channel called T-Series so his fans have taken it upon themselves to get as many new followers for the channel as possible. To that end, they hacked a Wall Street Journal partner site to […]