How To Find Phone Numbers With Google?
No matter what search engine you utilize, Google is going to have a lot of useful data for almost anything.For that reason, you can easily find phone numbers with Google. It is worth noting that if you already know the phone number, you can simply perform a reverse number lookup.

Facebook Denied To Launch Its Dating Service In Europe Over Privacy Concerns
Facebook has been planning to launch its dating service across the world. However, the Facebook dating service’s launch was blocked by the EU’s lead data regulator.As per the reports, Facebook failed to give enough advanced warning before the launch.In addition to that, it also failed to comply with the legally required assessment of privacy risks.As far as we know, Ireland’s newspaper reported that Facebook failed to provide the documents […]

Google Maps To Add New Features & A New Look For iPhone & Android
As Google Maps turns 15 today, they will be rolling out a new look along with a bunch of new features to iPhone and Android smartphones to celebrate the occasion.You can start noticing the new look if you’ve recently updated Google Maps today.If you haven’t yet, we insist you update the app as soon as possible to experience the fresh look.Along with a new look, the new update improves on […]

How To Fix A 500 Internal Server Error
While you already know how to fix a 502 bad gateway error, there’s another error that you commonly encounter when accessing a website or web service i.e 500 Internal Server Error.It is worth noting that the 500 Internal Server Error is a server-side error and is not a fault from your end. So, the server administrator (or the webmaster) has to fix the error.But, that does not mean you can’t […]


How To Fix a 502 Error (Bad Gateway)
If you’ve been browsing the web for a while, you might have observed the 502 bad gateway error sometime. Fret not, we will help you to understand, analyze and potentially fix the 502 bad gateway error.

Facebook Will Have To Pay $550 million To Illinois Users In A Privacy Settlement
When it comes to privacy laws, Illinois has the strictest biometric privacy laws in the states.In case you’re curious, biometric information includes the data from facial, fingerprint, and iris scans.A federal lawsuit against Facebook explained that Facebook was using its facial tagging feature in the photos to identify users without their consent.Even though that’s an active feature for most of the people using Facebook, Illinois users complained that it violated […]

Facebook Now Lets You Control More Personal Data
Facebook already collects a lot of data for what you do on Facebook along with your interests to display personalized advertisements or tailor the news feed accordingly.However, it has been often criticized that the apps/websites that you use out of Facebook (with Facebook connected to them in some way) also gets recorded by Facebook. And, that is what happens.But, to let you control your off-site activity, Facebook has come up […]

Ring Doorbell App Sends Data To Facebook & Others Says EFF
Amazon-owned Ring, which is popularly known for its home security systems is now being criticized for its data collection techniques.Not just how it works – but the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) published an article to share their findings regarding the data collection using Ring app on Android.They identified that the app includes several third-party trackers to collect your personal information – which is potentially enough to help you make a […]

How to Install Chrome Extensions On Microsoft Edge?
If you didn’t know, the new Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium. The new browser will replace your old Microsoft Edge browser when you install it (potentially upgrade it).It uses the same technology as Google Chrome but it’s Microsoft’s take on the web browser.The experience will be different – but at its core, it will be very similar. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can simply head to the […]

You Can Now Track Coronavirus Reports Online
The outbreak of coronavirus is an increasing concern for everyone across the globe.Not just limited to being affected by the virus – but 81 affected people have died so far.Even though it is an alarming and heartbreaking situation for Hubei city in China (primarily), several reports confirm that there are cases for coronavirus being reported in other countries as well.China has enforced strict quarantine in the affective cities – but […]

How To See Who Uses Your Wi-Fi?
No matter whether you have a WiFi network on your home or your office. It is quite important to be able to see who’s on your Wi-Fi.

Instagram Now Supports Direct Messaging On Web
Instagram is mostly used by smartphone users. However, while working or just being active on the desktop, it can be quite annoying to pick up your smartphone and respond to Instagram messages.So, to make it convenient, Instagram will roll out direct messaging support on the web version as well.You can already do a lot of things on the web version but you did not have the ability to send direct […]

Texas School District Lost $2.3 Million In A Phishing Email Scam
Whenever we publish a security-focused article or news, it probably involves a warning to a phishing scam one way or another.However, this time, it is the Manor Independent School District that was a victim to an email phishing scam which resulted in the loss of approximately $2.3 million.Even though the Manor Police Department along with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is investigating the incident, it looks quite bad.They do […]

How To Disable Web Notifications
Opting for web notifications is totally up to you. However, even if you do not opt for any push notifications, you might constantly get notifications asking you to access your location, allow sending notifications and similar permissions whenever you visit a website (like Facebook). In this article, we shall help you disable web notifications on your browser.