If you’re looking to get your hands on an Amazon Kindle Fire, you could be looking at advertisements on your home screen in the future. According to reports (via Adage), it seems that Amazon has approached several ad agencies and has offered them the opportunity to purchase an ad spot on the Kindle Fire’s home screen. It seems that for a fee of about $600,000, advertisers can expect their campaigns to run for two months and also include inventory from Amazon’s “Special Offers” product. However if advertisers were willing to drop more money, say $1 million, they will get ad inventory and be included in Amazon’s public-relations push.

Assuming the reports are to be believed, it seems that Amazon has yet to fully work out the details of this new revenue generating model. This has led to some ad agency execs to voice their concern about the proposed model. Amazon declined to comment on the issue, but what do you guys think? Would you be upset at having to view ads on a device that you paid full price for?

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