Mortal Kombat 11 Could Be Announced Next Month

NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat X was launched in 2015, which means that it has been more than three years since the game was released. While game expansions don’t necessarily have a fixed release schedule, we suppose 3 years is plenty of time to warrant a potential sequel. In fact fans of the franchise could be getting their wish soon.

HTC U13 Might Not Be Launched In 2019

Every year pretty much without fail, HTC has launched a flagship smartphone, such as earlier this year with the HTC U12+. However unlike companies such as Samsung or Apple, HTC has attempted to rebrand its lineup several times, and it seems that in 2019, the HTC U series could potentially be coming to an end.

Disc-less Xbox One Rumored For Launch In 2019

When it comes to consoles like the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, gamers have the option of choosing between purchasing physical or digital games. There are benefits to both, where some might prefer physical for its collectibility and artwork, while others prefer digital because it’s easier to manage.

Alleged Photo Of Budget ‘Pixel 3 Lite’ Surfaces

Ahead of Google announcing the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, there was a rumor suggesting that Google could be launching not just two, but three Pixel smartphones for 2018. However the announcement came and went with only two Pixel 3 devices, but now newly leaked photos suggest otherwise.


Potential Samsung Galaxy S10 Designs Revealed

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S10 in 2019. In terms of specs, it’s not hard to guess that it will be outfitted with the latest Exynos chipset for some markets, and also the latest Qualcomm chipset for other markets. It will also most like pack anywhere between 6-8GB of RAM, and will also probably come with a dual (or triple) rear-facing camera setup.

Square Enix Reportedly Already Working On A Game For The PS5

Now we know that there will be a PlayStation 5. Sony had previously confirmed as much, although there is the question of when the console will be released (some believe it could be launched in 2019). Regardless of a release date, it appears that Square Enix could already be working on something for the console.

Apple Reportedly Looking To Develop Its Own Modem For The iPhone

What a lot of companies do is that they source components and tech from other companies to use in their products. For example a lot of camera companies actually rely on Sony’s sensors for their products, and on the mobile front, save for a handful of companies, many rely on Qualcomm to supply the chipsets for their phones.

Possible Specs Of Cheaper Galaxy S10 Model Revealed

Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup is usually the company’s flagship lineup which means that they are typically priced as such. However we have heard rumors that 2019’s Galaxy S10 could actually be launched in three different models, with one of the models allegedly being of a “cheaper” or “budget” option.

Valve Could Be Making Their Own VR Headset

According to a report from UploadVR, it seems that Valve could be looking to develop its own virtual reality (VR) headset. This is according to leaked images of an alleged prototype that Valve has developed, along with UploadVR confirming with their own independent sources that such a device could be in the works.

Samsung Reportedly Still Undecided On Its Foldable Phone’s Hinge

Last week Samsung officially took the wraps off their foldable smartphone. However the unveiling wasn’t really much of an unveiling where we only got to see the foldable screen in action, but in terms of a design, it’s still anyone’s guess as to what the phone could look like. In fact last we heard, Samsung was still undecided on its design.

Samsung’s Foldable Phone Could Launch In March 2019

Just last week, Samsung took the wraps off its foldable phone at the Samsung Developer Conference. However apart from revealing the foldable display, not much else was known about the handset, such as launch date, pricing, specs, or the design, but a report out of Korea might have revealed some of those details.

Fujifilm X-H2 Might Not Be Released In 2019

The Fujifilm X-H1 was officially announced earlier this year, but there has been speculation that the X-H2, its successor, could be launched in 2019. While many have praised the X-H1, given that it is the first of Fujifilm’s new lineup, it wasn’t surprising that reviewers felt that there were certain things could be improved upon.

Higher-Resolution Canon EOS R Could Be Launched At Photokina 2019

A couple of months ago, Canon announced their new lineup of EOS R mirrorless cameras. This seems to be a considerably more “serious” effort from the company, where in the past the company’s previous mirrorless launches weren’t exactly met with favorable reviews. However if you were hoping to see more variants, Photokina 2019 could be an event to watch out for.

2019 iPhones Could Use Different Antenna Tech To Reduce Costs

One of the criticisms that many have leveled at Apple is the increasing cost of the iPhone, in which the base flagship model now costs $1,000. However there is some good news and that is if you were holding out for 2019’s iPhone is that there is a chance that prices could remain the same.