Upcoming iPad Mini Might Come With A Larger 8.3-inch Display
Apple’s iPad mini always felt like it was the perfect size. It was small enough to bring around easily, it was light, but it was still big enough where you could comfortably enjoy your movies and games and surfing the web. But over the years, the iPad mini started to get less attention, but that could change soon.

2022 Mac Pro Will Continue Using Intel Processors
Apple plans to eventually shift all of its Mac computers to its own Apple Silicon platform. So far they’ve done that for some of their lower-end computers, but many have rightfully wondered what this means for their higher-end computers like the Mac Pro. It turns out that maybe Apple might not be ready to make the full transition yet.

Apple Expected To Bring Face ID To All Of Its Products Eventually
At the moment, Face ID is only available on a select few Apple products. This includes the higher-end iPad Pros and also the higher-end iPhones. The rest of Apple’s product lineup continues to use Touch ID. However, as per Mark Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter, that could change in the future.

Nintendo Could Wind Down Wii U And 3DS eShop Submissions In 2022
Despite the Nintendo Wii U no longer being in production and with the 3DS kind of being replaced by the likes of the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles, it’s actually surprising that there are games that are still actively being developed for both the Wii U and 3DS, but that could change in 2022.


Apple’s Next Pro Display Could Sport An A13 Chipset
A lot of times, displays are kind of boring in terms of their features. This is because for the most part, they only do one thing and that is to display things on its screen, but we don’t really use it beyond that. So as long as it can show us what we’re looking at with relative accuracy in terms of color and details, it’s hard to complain.

iPhone 13 Could Come With Support For Faster Charging Speeds
These days, Android phones are coming with some pretty insane charging speeds. Take the recently announced OnePlus Nord  2, where despite it being a budget phone, it still supports the company’s 65W Warp Charge technology. This is versus Apple’s flagship iPhone 12 which only supports speeds up to 20W.

Mini LED MacBook Air Expected In 2022
Earlier this year, Apple announced a refresh of the iPad Pro lineup where they gave it a new mini LED display. It has since been rumored that the MacBook Pro refresh will do the same, and there have even been suggestions that the rumored iPad mini refresh could be given the same treatment.

iPad Mini Could Get A Mini LED Display
Word on the street has it that Apple is working on a long-overdue redesign of the iPad mini, which we have to say is probably the company’s most neglected tablet to date. However, it seems that this redesign could bring about more than just a new look, but it could also sport a new display.

Analysts Confident That There Will Be A 1TB iPhone 13 Option
When it comes to built-in storage of phones, the most common we’ve seen is 512GB. Sure, there are some phones here and there that offer 1TB, but it’s pretty rare. However, Apple could potentially be joining that exclusive club this year with the iPhone 13, or so Wedbush analysts believe.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s Leaked Pricing Isn’t Surprising Anyone
Samsung has officially confirmed that they will be hosting a new Galaxy Unpacked event on the 11th of August. While the company did not confirm anything, it is largely speculated that the event will see the company launch their new foldable phones which according to the rumors include the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.

AirPods 3 Production To Kick Off In August, In Time For September iPhone Event
It has been a while since Apple refreshed their AirPods. The last time we saw a new AirPods was when Apple launched it with support for wireless charging, but otherwise we haven’t really heard anything since. However, if you were hoping to see some changes or improvements, then you might want to hold out.

iPhone 13 SE Expected In First Half Of 2022
The first iPhone SE was launched quite a while ago and for a moment, it seemed as though it was a short lived experiment and that Apple would not launch such a device again. However, that changed in 2020 when Apple launched a new model, and if you weren’t that impressed with the specs then, then maybe 2022’s model could be for you.

Redesigned MacBook Pro Expected To Launch Between September To November
Apple is expected to launch a new and redesigned MacBook Pro later this year, but the question is when? Obviously we are in the second half of the year which means that it could be in the next few months, although according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, he claims that it could take place between September to November.

iPhone 13 Could Finally Come With An Always-On Display
Always-on displays can be found on some smartphone models, but not all of them. This is useful for looking at notifications at a glance without having to reach for your phone or tapping the display. If you’re a fan of the feature, you might be interested to learn that this could come to the iPhone 13.

Huawei Might Turn To Qualcomm For Its P50 Series
For a while now, Huawei has been using their own Kirin chipsets for its smartphones. However, that could change with the upcoming P50 series because according to reports, Huawei might actually have to turn to Qualcomm to supply them the necessary hardware due to a couple of factors.

Apple Wants You To Buy Stuff And Pay For It Later
Credit card companies aren’t providing you with their services out of the goodness of their hearts. The business model is that they hope people will use their cards and credit to make purchases they can’t afford, and then earn interest from the unpaid amounts down the road, so it’s not hard to see why Apple could be looking at taking advantage of that.

Apple Reportedly Planning On Making Electric Car Batteries In The US
Apple is rumored to be working on an electric car of their own, and the heart of an electric car aside from the engine, would be its battery. This is because the battery essentially powers the car, and according to a report from DigiTimes, it seems that Apple could be planning on making the batteries in the US.

Samsung Might Partner With Olympus For The Galaxy S22’s Camera
Olympus has been making cameras and camera related technology for decades. Now it seems that the company could be applying some of their decades-long industry experience to future Samsung smartphones, or at least that’s what a report from PulseNews is saying where the report claims that we might see a Samsung and Olympus team up.

Redesigned MacBook Pro Could Max Out At 32GB RAM
A couple of years ago, Apple upgraded its MacBook Pro laptops where they gave customers the option to bump the RAM up to a whopping 64GB. It was expected that this would be the same for the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh, but it turns out that might not be the case, according to a report from leakster Luke Miani.

Upcoming MacBook Pro Refresh Could Feature UHS-II Card Slot
One of the features that many photographers or videographers could appreciate about Apple’s MacBook laptops in the past is the built-in SD card slot. This made it incredibly easy to transfer photos and videos from their camera’s memory card to their computers without having to deal with cables.